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“Works For Me!”
Painting Blind
By Dan Guarino
Brendan Patrick’s art would be
impressive – even if you already
knew he created much of it after
he couldn’t see.
Patrick will be celebrating and
documenting his art by doing a
live painting event at the Rock-
away Artists Alliance T-7 Gallery
this Sunday, October 2. He also
has works in RAA’s current ex-
hibition, ARTSplash. Between
12 and 4 p.m. at Fort Tilden vis-
itors will have opportunity to see
those works, watch himpainting
live in the gallery, meet the artist
and talk with him about his pro-
Throughcomplicationsof cyst-
ic fibrosis and medical ailments,
he no longer has his eyesight.
Filmmaker and friend Rob
Cousineau will be capturing
the event for a documentary on
Patrick and his work. The film, a
work in progress, is called “Can’t
See Sh*t.”
There will be also music, food
and drink. The event is hosted
and was arranged in collabora-
tion with RAA by friend of the
artist, Jesse Paris Smith.
The Fort Tilden/RAA stop is
part of a one week New York City
visit by Cousineau and Patrick.
Both are from Detroit. It is also
Patrick’s first visit to NYC since
losing his sight.
At age 14 his doctors advised
that he might only live to the age
of 21. He is now 35. In an inter-
view in Ink’d magazine he said
he’s always had the attitude that
if “I’m going to die tomorrow,
I’m going to do cool stuff while I
still have the time.”
In fact, as Cousineau explains,
Patrick learned to create art
again in spite of having zero light
perception. He describes his
friend’sworkasbeing influenced
by “his background in tattooing,
and the monster movies he grew
up loving and relating to.” He
has shown his work all over the
country “and always had tons
of positive responses. He also
paints live at these shows in or-
der to get people understand his
process, as well as give people a
chance to talk to him while he
creates and ask him questions
about his blindness, and his sto-
Part of that story, the trip and
Sunday’s event is Cousineau’s
documentary, “Can’t See Sh*t.”
“I have been friends with
Brendan…since middle school.
Brendan and I have been
through a lot together. I've seen
him sick and healthy, but mostly
I've seen him handle his illness
like a minor inconvenience, no
matter how major the effects
really were. The effect Brendan
has had on my life will resonate
long after he is gone, and I want
to share that sentiment with as
many people as I can while he
is still here to appreciate the end
Musician and artist Jesse Par-
is Smith has worked with RAA
before. She has performed and
organized events there. She also
played keyboards for her moth-
er, Patti Smith, for an audience of
thousands at the musical perfor-
mancewhichopened theMoMA
PS1/RAA “Rockaway!” exhibi-
tion two years ago.
About Patrick, Cousineau and
Sunday’s event she said, “They
will be heading back to Detroit
shortly after. So it is a wonderful
opportunity not to be missed,
and a great chance to connect
with these incredible individu-