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The Rockaway Times
Where’s The
Dear Editor:
I have made many in-
quiries at board meetings
and phone calls to many local
representatives with no luck
about whether or not the park/
playground that used to be at
108-109 Street and Shore Front
Parkway will ever be rebuilt. It
was destroyed by Sandy and
since then many area parks as
well other ones across the city
have not only been rebuilt but
even upgraded in the years
since Sandy, yet the park here is
not even a thought in the plans
by the city. I even spoke with an
engineer that was working on
the boardwalk restoration who
stated he has seen no plans to
rebuild this park. This park/
playground was here when I
was a child and now my chil-
dren have nothing due to once
again the city leaving proper-
ties vacant until we forget what
was there and then the city
puts another useless building
or parking lot to add meters for
beach goers. If you could do a
story on this maybe it will push
local politicians and the city to
help us. Thank you in advance
for any help and support in this
Patrick Larkin