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Our high quality and affordable Medicare Advantage and Long Term Care plan options include:
Medicare Advantage Plans
Designed to meet the needs of
individuals with Medicare and those with both Medicare and Medicaid.
We have a variety of plan options and a large network of quality doctors
providers in the communities where you live.
Managed Long Term Care Plan
Health and long term care services at
home or in the community for those who are chronically ill or disabled.
Contact us for eligibility and enrollment.
info@agewellnewyork.com | agewellnewyork.com
AgeWell New York LLC is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the New York State Medicaid Program. Enrollment in AgeWell New York depends on
contract renewal. Medicare beneficiaries may also enroll in AgeWell New York LLC through the CMS Medicare Online Enrollment Center located at www.medicare.gov.
We’re here for your call.
Toll Free 1.866.586.8044
TTY/TDD 1.800.662.1220
choosing a
health plan is not easy.
We work hard to make it easier.
Hands down the best month
of surfing out of the entire year.
Thank god we have great pho-
tographers to capture some of
the best moments.
Brian Biggins, Photo by Andreea Waters
Chris Carhart, Photo by Andreea Waters
Sandon Karinsky, Photo by Lou Romas
Parker Karinsky, Photo by Will Acosta
Giancarlo Acosta,
Photo by Will Acosta