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The Rockaway Times
Eight Rescued fromBoat Fire
By Katie McFadden
Abandon ship! On the
evening of Sunday, September
25, beachgoers were alarmed
by thick black smoke, which
could be seen out on the
ocean. The smoke came from
a boat fire off of Sandy Hook,
New Jersey. The fire broke out
in the engine room of a boat
that was based out of Rocka-
According to the Coast
Guard, the Coast Guard Sta-
tion in Sandy Hook received a
distress call at around 5 p.m.
from a 40-foot recreational
boat stating that their vessel
was on fire. A 47-Motor Life-
boat from Coast Guard Sta-
tion Sandy Hook and New
York Fire Department Marine
Eight and Marine Three rescue
crews responded to the scene
and found that a nearby fish-
ing boat had picked up eight
passengers from the vessel
that was on fire after they had
jumped in the water to escape.
Coast Guard Station Sandy
Hook crewmembers assisted
FDNY members in extinguish-
ing the fire aboard the vessel.
The fire was fully extinguished
but the boat was unrecovera-
ble and sank in 85-feet of wa-
ter approximately six miles off
the coast of Sandy Hook.
According to the FDNY,
“FDNY Rescue Paramedics as-
sessed the patients, who were
not able to access their life
preservers before abandoning
ship. Luckily, none of the pa-
tients required further treat-
ment, and they were returned
to their initial point of depar-
ture, Seaway Marina in Far
Rockaway.” The boat named
“Queens Girl” was based out
of Rockaway. According to the
Coast Guard, following the in-
cident, “There [was] no report
of pollution in the water.”
Photo by US Coast Guard