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The Rockaway Times
Lot of Nonsense
I might as well weigh in on the
most important issue facing peo-
ple who need stamps or a pass-
port. I feel your pain. No, it’s
not about getting stuck on a post
office line behind three people,
each of whom has a refrigera-
tor-sized cardboard box that has
to get re-taped and re-labeled.
And their English isn’t that good
so there’s a lot of back and forth
with the clerk. It’s about parking.
Maybe you got one of the four
spots in front of the 11694 post of-
fice. So now you’re wondering if
you put enoughmoney in theme-
ter because this line is not moving.
You might be the last one on line.
There’snoone toask:will youhold
my place? You think about run-
ning out to feed the meter but you
know tenmore people will rush in
as you’re pushing the button on
themeter formore time.
Or you’re not the last one on
line and you glance at the peo-
ple behind you. Do they look
like the type who’d let you back
in line? Nope. One guy looks ab-
solutely pissed; forget any cour-
tesy from him.
All this anxiety, all this grief,
comes courtesy of the new Stop
& Shop policy to have cars towed
from its practically always half
empty parking lot.
Ok, first the caveat. I don’t
think car owners should be
leaving their cars in the lot
overnight. I don’t think people
should be parking there and
then spending the day on the
beach. But c’mon, Mister Stop &
Shop or whatever your name is,
shoppers have never found the
lot to be full. You’ve never lost a
customer because they couldn’t
find a parking space.
Some people, just a few, who
probably don’t drive, have said
it’s a private lot, the owners can
do what they want.
Ok, well, riddle me this.
You have to get groceries and
stamps. What do you do? What
do you do if there’s no available
street parking? First, you use
the big, practically always half
empty lot while you shop for a
hundred dollars worth of gro-
ceries. So far, so good. But you
still need stamps. Do you then
have to get in your car and drive
around looking for street park-
ing? You’ve spent a hundred
dollars in Stop & Shop but you
can’t run into the post office be-
cause B &M towing might hook
your car AND your groceries.
You can’t go to the post of-
fice first because you won’t be
able to afford the groceries after
you come out and find your car
missing, thanks to B &M.
The Stop & Shop website says
they like to be good neighbors.
It’d be neighborly if they allowed
the local store manager to make
the call to the towing company
if the parking lot privileges were
being abused; if the practically
always half empty lot was sud-
denly packed. Or maybe some-
body from their corporate office
in Quincy, Mass. could pay a vis-
it – they’d have no problem find-
ing a spot in the big, practically
always half empty lot---for a
look-see. I just hope they don’t
need a stamp.