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The Rockaway Times
Happy Rosh Hashanah.
The much-loved, legendary
football coach and fireman
Pudgy Walsh died last week. He
coached the FDNYandMariners
semi-pro football teams and
helped get young men ready for
the physical part of the FDNY
exam. He’ll be missed by many.
Build It Back continues to secure
its reputation as an unmitigated
disaster. Hundreds and hundreds
of people gave up on the program
(generallybecause theywereworn
down by the process) yet the City
is asking for $500 million to finish
the job. Elevating homes has
become a great business. Before
Sandy, a home could have been
Construction has submitted a bid
toelevate53homes for$50million!
Almost amillion bucks a house. It
just never ends.
Hey, local business owners in
Belle Harbor, Rockaway Park,
Rockaway Beach, and Seaside
meet other business owners
at the Beach 116th Street
Partnership mixer at The Castle
aka The Wedding Cake house
on Beach 117th and Newport
on Thursday, October 13. The
organization is spreading its
wings beyond 116th so it’ll be
a great chance for business
owners to meet and share
ideas (and get a look inside
that building). Free appetizers
are being supplied by Cuisine
by Claudette. RSVP to Info@
Historian Emil Lucev and his
daughter Katie compiled an
amazing list of bars that have
operated in Rockaway. They’ve
come up with a list of more that
600! Still, we thought of a few that
weren’t listed so we included
them. (Emil, how could you not
haveTheMagnet andThe Bridge
and The Blarney?! and a few
others?!) We know you’ve got
plenty more. See pages 34-35
and then email the overlooked
to Mail@RockawayTimes.com
So we reported on the
controversy about towing cars
out of the Stop & Shop parking
lot on Beach Channel Drive and
were contacted by the owners,
Benenson Capital. They tell us
that the entire property is leased
toStop&Shopand it is thepolicy
of Stop & Shop to tow cars. They
said they had notified Stop &
Shop on the corporate level to let
them know of the community’s
concerns. By the way, City law
says tow companies servicing
private parking lots can charge
a maximum of $125 for towing
and first three days of storage
of a vehicle. If the owner of the
vehicle arrives before the vehicle
has been removed from the
property but after it is connected
to the tow truck – known as “on
thehook” – the towoperatormay
not charge more than $62.50 to
release the vehicle.
If you’ve been wondering
about what’s going on at Riis
Park Beach Bazaar (it’s been
closed Since September 18 even
though the weather has been
great) well, they’ll re-open on
Mid-October and Whit’s End
will be there. The second annual
Oktoberfest will be Saturday
and Sunday (the 15th and 16th)
and the restaurant will be open
Thursday through Monday until
That was quick. Ocean Bagel
on Beach 116th closed their
doors after just four months.
Always sad to see a business
not make it but a new place has
just opened. Brisas Del Mar
with Spanish fare is having its
grand opening this week. This
is their second place as they also
operate a place on Beach 99th
and RBB.
Concessions are closing for
the season. Just a heads up if you
want to get a drink or something
to eat on the boardwalk, this
weekendwill be your last chance
until May 2017.
Scam alert. Even though
Con Edison doesn't service
Rockaway, scammers are still
trying to fleece people. Locals
have been getting calls from
someone saying money is owed
to Con Edison.
See our catering menus
at www.Ludwigs.com
Try Ludwig's Octoberfest Special!
Choose 2 of the following:
Sauerbraten * Chicken Ludwig
* Knockwurst/Bratwurst * Black Forest Loin of Pork
with Apple Glace topping
Includes: Red cabbage, German potato salad and Rye
bread, Disposable Plates, Napkins, Forks and Knives.
$295 plus NYS Sales Tax
Serves 20-25 people (Pick-up Only)
533 Beach 126th Street
Belle Harbor, NY 718-634-4939