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The Rockaway Times
Poseidon Prom 2017: Ship of Fools
By Bert Sanders
After a well-deserved hiber-
nation,The RockawayMermaid
Brigade (RMB) has awoken just
in time for “Poseidon's Prom,
Ship of Fools” on April Fool’s
Day, Saturday, April 1 at 7:30
p.m. at the Knights of Colum-
bus on Beach 90th Street! This
yearly fundraiser for Poseidon's
Parade is a celebration of local
art, music, business, commu-
nity, and all things mermaid.
The event helps make the pa-
rade a true spectacle!
I met up with Casey Brouder
and Alex Cannon, the Queen
mermaids, for an exclusive
Rockaway Times interview. In
full mermaid glitter and garb,
they gave me the low down on
the throw down. “This is a cele-
bration of the creative commu-
nity of Rockaway Beach,” they
explained in unison. “We want
people to come in costume and
celebrate our wonderful local
businesses and artists.”
DJ Paddy Tubz will be rock-
ing the event, which is hosted
by The Knights of Columbus.
“After last year’s intense danc-
ing, we have been advised
to expand the dance floor,”
Brouder explained. “There are
also rumors of special musi-
cal performances by members
of Indabumpkin, the official
band of the RMB.”
In addition to music and
dancing, the event turns the
hall into a massive local art
gallery. Geoff Rawling aka “El
Capitan,” will have many fea-
tured pieces for the event.
After his kidnapping by Mex-
ican art thugs in the mystical
mountains of Chiapas, Mex-
ico, Rawling is in a posh in-
duced creative groove. He re-
fused to be interviewed, due
to his trancelike creative state.
Rawling will add to a trove of
local art that will be on display
and on sale!
Local businesses have gener-
ously donated to the event. At
the time of press, Healy’s, Zin-
gara Vintage, Whit’s End, Vin-
nyasa Yoga, Glorified Tomato,
PaintParty NYC, Bungalow
Bar, Crom Fitness, Burn Fit-
ness, Connolly’s, The Wharf,
Healy’s, Thai Rock, End of
the A, Pico, JKS Print Shop,
and Hawk Eye Photography
have all generously donated
prizes for the silent auction.
Alex Cannon, the webmaster,
ticketmaster, and graphics
master stated: “It’s great to
see so many businesses in the
to the parade.” Coney Island
Brewing Company has also
generously donated beer! Ad-
ditionally, John Cori has been
selling raffles for a large piece
of art that is currently on dis-
play at Rockaway Roasters.
And of course, The Rockaway
Times offers prime editorial
The event is capped off when
DJ Paddy Tubz announces the
prom king and queen, who
lead the parade in September.
Last year’s king and queen,
Jerry Rea and Vinchenzo Bon-
nano, will have to pass their
crowns to this year’s winners.
Hopefully it will be a peaceful
transfer of power!
Tickets are available on-
line at poseidonsprom2017.
at the door. The $40 ticket in-
cludes open bar and appetiz-
ers, in addition to a wild night
of art, music, prizes, dances,
and a Mermaid Brigade slide-
show! Let the games begin!
The 3rd Annual Poseidon’s
Parade will take place on the
boardwalk sometime in Sep-