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Woolever explained, “For op-
erational uplifts, the Citysticks
duo identified that the Farm
needed power for our cold
storage, which we, the team of
growers at theFarm, alsoagreed
was a critical need. We already
built the cooler, so these funds
will help us to employ an elec-
trician to install a pole and get
power from the grid, which will
provide electricity for the re-
frigerator and other devices on
the Farm.” When asked about
solar power, Woolever said that
they did try to use a little solar
power energy last year, but it
was not enough to consistently
run a refrigerator. Also, the cost
of going full solar would be
too much. “We are not at that
level of funding to go solar,”
Woolever said.
“Also, we agreed that over-
all, the farm needs to be more
handicap accessible. Right
now the entry path leading to
the farm stand has gravel, and
it’s difficult to maneuver if you
are in a wheelchair or for those
walking with a cane. We want to
repave the pathway into a hard,
smooth surface so that it is easy
for anyone to walk on.
“We also have a lot of sen-
iors coming to the Farm with
WIC Checks (Senior shares), so
having a cane or any difficulty
walking, the present gravel sur-
face could be difficult to walk
on,” Woolever said.
As for the sink and drainage
issue the Farm faces, Woolever
said, “We have had an ongo-
ing challenge with the sink as
we don’t have a sewer drain,
so we have to physically pump
all the water out, which is not
a bad thing, as the best use of
grey water is to recycle it in the
compost or on plants. Howev-
er, it became a really big chal-
lenge with events. Taking dish-
es off site to run them through
a dishwasher became a hassle.
Obviously, we want everything
extremely clean because when
you are dealing with food, you
have to be extremely clean and
safe. We only use Dr. Bronner’s
soap, and are really vigilant
about not washing any meat
or grease in the same basin. In
addition, we also have a rain
catchment that we share with
our neighbor farm next door,
which catches the rain that
runs off the roof into a cistern,
that we are able to access.
“A few years back, someone
had left this beautiful old, an-
tique soap stone double-basin
sink. With the Kickstarter fund-
ing help, we are going install it
and use buckets underneath,
and empty them as needed and
reuse the grey water. Eventually
next year, maybe we will dig an
underground tank, and source
local Broad Channel company,
Call A Head to pump out the
water,” Woolever said.
In terms of the aesthetic
amendments, Woolever and
her team, with the Citysticks
chefs input, identified that the
picnic tables desperately need
to be refurbished. “They are
old and a bit splintery, so we
want to sand, polish and paint
the picnic tables for a more
comfortable and aesthetically
pleasing experience for diners,”
Woolever said.
Edgemere Farm and the
Citysticks team have set their
Kickstarter fundraising goal at
$6K. Based on the money do-
nated, some awards donators
can receive include: Having
the farm for a whole night, with
a private dinner for up to 10
people; a breakfast or dinner
for two at the Farm; voucher
for Woolever’s CSA, Rockaway
Herbs, which includes tinc-
tures, teas and ointments; an
Edgemere Farm T-shirt and a
social media shout out. De-
pending on what you choose,
donators will receive all that is
included under the contribut-
ed price point.
Edgemere Farm’s Kickstarter
campaign went live, Thursday,
March 9, and they only have 30
days to raise the entire $6K.
Woolever said, “If we don’t
reach our goal, we don’t get
any of the money. That’s just
how Kickstarter works. I guess
it is a motivator to get you to
reach your goal.”
For more information on
how you can support Edgemere
Farm, visit
f arm- i n-ro ckaway -beach-
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