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To advertise in THE ROCKAWAY TIMES call 718-634-3030
The Rockaway Times
The Graybeard All-Stars
Harlem MagicMasters
Basketball Team
Refreshments/ Pizza/Hot Dogs/Snacks
will be sold in the small hall.
Tickets will also be sold on Tuesday March 21st
in the SFDS gym during
the 3 pt. shoot-out contest.
Friday, March 24th, 2017
St. Francis de Sales Gym
3 pt Contest ~ Finals: 6:30 p.m.*
Show time: 7 p.m.
$10 per person – general admission
*3 pt. Shoot-out Contest
– Open to boys & girls in
grades 3-8. Two male and two female winners from each
grade will compete in a pre-game show on
Friday, March
24th - the night of the event. Tryouts for this competi-
tion will be held on Tuesday March 21st @ 6:00 p.m. at
SFDS Gym. You must register to compete. Please
email JoJo O’Grady: with the
Sharpshooter's name, gender, school and grade.
Deadline to register is March 17th.
Winner of each
grade will receive TWO Tickets to a Brooklyn Nets game
(compliments of John Ronayne and the Brooklyn Nets)
Tickets can be purchased at the Graybeard office:
129-04 Newport Avenue
Side Entrance on 129th Street
Call the office before you come
to make sure someone is there.
(718) 634-6812
the Music
By Lou Pastina
While sailing fromGreece, Ul-
ysses lashed himself to the mast
of his ship and stuffed his ears,
so that he wouldn’t hear the call
of the bewitching sirens that
caused so many ships to crash
into the rocks of the Mediterra-
nean Sea. Our mermaids here in
Rockaway are nothing like those
mythical creatures from an-
cient times. Here in Rockaway
we unstuff our ears in search of
the music, especially when it’s
snowing in March! With months
to go before we can enjoy all the
outdoor venues that fill the air
with notes of joy, where does
one go to find the music?
I recently ventured down
to 72nd Street one Thursday
evening to the Rockaway Brew-
ing Company. Kyle Wade re-
cently started an Open Mic
there. While sparsely attended,
the beer was cold, the perform-
ers passionate, and the mood
jolly. What more can you ask? I
am told they are going to con-
tinue everyThursday night. Kyle
and his talented father, Paul,
have also been keeping the
music alive during the winter
at Healy’s and The Knights of
Columbus. Worth a night out,
check out the Wades.
The Belle Harbor Yacht club
has one of the best-kept secrets
in all of Rockaway in its second
floor lounge. Each Friday night
they have music. This past Fri-
day was Walker, who recent-
ly played at BB Kings with his
band. In addition you can catch
solo acts like Chris Vought and
Gerald Bair playing in this inti-
mate setting. In addition, if you
like yoga with your music, you
should know that Ocean Bliss
has moved to the BHYC and of-
fers classes all week long. Yoga
and music, doesn’t get any bet-
ter than that!
If you have never thought
about stopping into Rogers on
116th Street, then its time to
re-evaluate that thought. Rogers
has been hosting music all win-
ter long, and in fact, Indaculture
will be there this coming week-
end. Close to home, even on a
cold night, this is an excellent
stop to hear some live music.
The St. Paddy’s Day Parade
brought me to Bungalow Bar to
catch Bobby Butler and his as-
sortment of friends playing Irish
tunes and other ditties.The erst-
while Mr. Butler had a collec-
tion of musicians from various
bands sewed together just for
this event. When I asked how
long they practiced to get ready
for the gig, he slyly let me know
they didn’t. But you would nev-
er know it from the great music
they made.
Over at the Community
House, the newly formed BEasy
Band followed Wine with Sue
to rock the house of post-pa-
rade revelers. The mainstay of
the establishments, however, is
Thai Rock, with the inimitable
Robert Kaskel as host. He and
his wife invite musicians from
all over the city, across a broad
spectrum of musical genres to
fill hisThai joint (no pun intend-
ed) with music. I recently took
in the Kearney Brothers band
there, and was treated to a night
of unparalleled blues-playing by
the dynamic Breezy brothers.
Even our Parisian friend Clau-
dette, and the Ancient Order
of Hibernians in Roxbury have
hosted music sessions this win-
ter with the ever-present Gray-
riders Band in all their various
We are truly blessed to have
so many options to find music
in our small, but diverse pen-
insula. But these places have a
tough time during the winter
and need our patronage. Yes,
the summer crowds swell the
numbers of out-of-towners,
but in order to get to those
days, these establishments
need to stay in business, so
when you are thinking of just
curling up in front of the TV,
unlash yourself from the masts
of your ship, and get out and
listen to the music. That mu-
sic will stay with you through
the whole week and keep you
going when all else fails. And
bring your mermaid, she will
not cause you to crash among
the rocks in Rockaway!