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Knowing theHeart
Our heart is at the center of
our being human. In the heart is
where our deepest thoughts, in-
tuitions, emotions and decisions
find their source. We often fail to
know our hidden centers and so
we live and die without knowing
who we really are. Have you ever
looked into the mirror and asked
yourself, “WhoamI?” Youarenot
the body, you are not your mind,
you are not your title such as wife,
husband, mother, father, sister,
brother, friend, etc. You are so
Recently, I took the opportuni-
ty to spend a day with myself and
explore where I grew up in Park
Slope. One of the places I visited
was the Brooklyn Museum to see
Georgia O’Keefe’s exhibit. She
was a famous woman artist who
lived a full life to the age of 99. I
remember her well because she
created much of her art in New
York, where she lived for 30 years
until her husband passed away.
She then decided tomove to New
Mexico, living in a quiet, beauti-
ful landscape where she could be
alonewithherself and create even
more spectacular art. She was
simply amazing and so talented.
As I viewed photographs taken
of her, I could almost see her soul
through her quiet, serene eyes.
She looked like a woman who
truly knewwho she was and lived
her life exactly how shewanted to.
I was inspired and a bit envious,
but happy tosee suchstrength ina
womanborn in the late 1800’s.
How can we, living in today’s
society, find our quiet center,
leading to the heart center? Is it
possible in New York City to be
relaxed and calm? I think it is
a challenge, but most certain-
ly possible. We live in one of the
greatest cities. There are resourc-
es everywhere and yet we feel
stressed. Our struggles are real
to find peace and calm. The only
way I can find the calm amid the
storm is to close my eyes to my
surroundings. Focus on amantra
andmy breath. Breathing in, I am
calm, breathing out, I am peace.
It works every time for me so I re-
peat it often.Then I openmy eyes
to the beauty in front of my eyes.
If I were an artist, I would paint a
picture; if Iwere aphotographer, I
would take a picture; if I amme, I
would breathe it all in.
Where is your heart? Are you
afraidtobewhoyouweremeant to
be? Is theresomethingor someone
holding you back? Finding your
heart is findingyour lovewithyour-
self. Youdon’t have to change your
life, you just have to be with your-
self.Youareperfect justthewayyou
is your guide. The heart is a mas-
terpiece. It has a subtle energy that
vibrates loudly. We feel and hear
thesoftbeat, but it isaninstrument
thatplaysour life’ssong.Listen, feel
The following meditation is
taken from the book, “A Pocket-
ful of Miracles.” Imagine a star of
living Light in the air just above
your head and slightly in front of
you. Allow streams of liquid lov-
ing Light to cascade over you and
wash through you, cleansing you
of any fear, negativity or illusion
that veils the light within your
heart. Let your heart light expand
and become one with the Light of
God, wrapping you in a great egg
of light. May you feel and experi-
ence the light of your heart every