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The Rockaway Times
Slush was better than two
feet. Yes, the forecasters
were slightly off but that’s
better than them being right.
Sloppy weather reminds us:
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Piece of cake.
The snow postponed Tues-
day’s Community Board 14's
meeting. It will instead be
held on Wednesday, March
22 at 7:15 p.m. at the Knights
of Columbus on Beach 90th
Street. The agenda includes
presentations on bridge cash-
less tolling, the Edgemere
Urban Renewal project, Hur-
ricane preparedness, New
Visions Charter High School,
SBS and more.
While some local businesses
have closed recently on Beach
116th, a sign of a new one to
come appeared last week.
Sakura, a Japanese restau-
rant, will open at 215 Beach
116th Street. Some of the
other spaces in the building,
which was split into three, are
still up for rent. With O’Sake a
few stores down, this will be
the second Japanese restau-
rant on the block.
Congratulations to Thai
Rock for making the Michelin
Guide of recommended res-
taurants for the second year
in a row.
The Bayhouse in Breezy is
shooting for an April opening
(hey, that’s soon!). The Har-
bor Light in Belle Harbor is
shooting for a summer open-
ing. Both places have been
sorely missed since Sandy.
Weekly reminder. Our Pho-
to Contest is in full swing.
Send your very best to Photo-
Republican candidates for
mayor are starting to make
the move towards a City Hall
run. At a recent forum, four
candidates: Darren Aquino,
Michel Faulkner, Paul Mas-
sey and Eric Ulrich outlined
their views. Ulrich has not de-
clared but will decide one way
or the other soon. We guess
each of these candidates holds
out hope that Mayor de Bla-
sio will be indicted for illegal
fundraising or corruption. The
same might be true of would-
be Democrats.
The question is, does the fir-
ing of US Attorney Preet Bha-
rara mean the investigation of
the de Blasio administration is
over? Just a couple of weeks
ago, the Mayor had been
grilled about pay-to-play cam-
paign activities by Bharara’s
office. There is much uncer-
tainty with a new US Attorney
to be named.
Preet delivered a nice zinger
on Twitter, managing to take
a dig at both President Trump
and Governor Cuomo. He
tweeted, “By the way, now I
knowwhat theMoreland Com-
mission must have felt like.”
Cuomo created the Moreland
Commission to investigate
public corruption, and then
interfered with it, and then
closed it down (making many
wonder if he closed it down to
protect himself ). Allegedly,
Trump had promised Bhara-
ra that he’d keep his job soon
after the November election.
Like Cuomo, Trump suddenly
put a stop to that making many
wonder if Preet was looking at
the President. Palace intrigue,
palace intrigue.
You may consider your-
self to be a nice person, but
according to a new study
you’re probably not as nice
as you think. Psychologists
from Goldsmiths, University
of London have discovered
that 98 percent of people
think they’re part of the nic-
est 50 percent of the popula-
tion. Hmmm... And we think
98 percent of our readers are
Full tray Corned Beef and Cabbage
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1/2 tray Baby Glazed Carrot
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