Tool Week: Air Compressors

The DIYer

 A lot of you will say that you don’t need an Air Compressor, but once you have one, you’ll wonder how you did without it.

What to look for in an Air Compressor:

For the average DIYer doing home repairs and/or small projects the needs are minimal.

You will want a Compressor that is oil-less with no less than 135 PSI. If all you do is small projects a three-gallon tank will do fine.

What accessories should you buy?

To start off you will need a hose, be sure to buy a rubber hose, not PVC. I also recommend a standard connection set that includes quick connects, tire air chuck and a blow gun. Other than that the accessories you can get are only limited by your needs. Optional accessories include cut off tools, nail guns, air brushes, buffers, drills, the list is virtually endless.

What should you pay for an Air Compressor?

I’ve paid as little as $49.99 for a compressor that can keep up with a nail gun on job sites. Places like sell them cheap and for only $6.99 shipping. If you’re going to be doing automotive projects you will need a compressor with a larger PSI and tank.

So rate what you’re going to buy by what you’re planning to use it for.

What can you do with an Air Compressor?

With the right air tools you can put finishing nails in molding without leaving hammer marks, paint everything from small projects to whole rooms, cut metal/steel, remove rust from raw iron railings or other metals, the list goes on.


Before you buy your air compressor, look at what tools you will be using and their requirements for air tanks and/or PSI. Some tools require more pressure to run or larger tanks for constant use.


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