Twig Letters

The DIYer

 Here is a project you can do with the kids, best of all you can start it on a nice day and finish it on a rainy day…

Step 1 is the easiest. On a nice day, take a walk in a park and collect as many twigs as you can. Collect different sizes and shapes, you’ll never know what you will need when you start making your twig letter.

Step 2: Draw out, on a piece of oak tag (or wood if your twig letter will be outdoors), your letter or design that you want to make with the twigs. If you would like your twig letter/design to have a full back (for multiple letters/numbers or to frame your design) use wood (outside use) or cardboard (inside use) and skip step 3.

Step 3: Carefully cut out your letter/design.

Step 4: Cut your twigs to fit your design and glue them to your letter/design. Hot glue is best, but for indoor use Elmer’s or wood glue can work. Glue your pieces in as you go. When gluing your twigs, have a pattern in mind and layer your twigs if needed (to add more design).

Step 5: Once your design is complete, allow to dry thoroughly, then coat with a fast drying brush-on lacquer.  If you're going to keep your twig letter/design outdoors, apply three coats of lacquer to protect it from the weather.

Some of the things you can make with twig letters/design: wall art, initial for wall or in front of your house, your house number for your front lawn, the list goes on. So use your imagination and you might be surprised at what you can come up with.

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