A Different Kind of Makeover

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 Most people think of refinishing something as sanding, staining and things along those lines. Here is a sample of a different kind of makeover. Credit for this project goes to my partner Susanne Max. To not give away all her secrets, I am just going to run you through the basics.

Here are a few steps on taking an ordinary dresser and making it into something great for a kid’s room.

First: Remove all hardware (handles, knobs, etc.) and save it (I will get back to this later).

Second: Prep all surfaces. To do this I recommend first cleaning all surfaces with a good degreaser cleaner. Then wipe all surfaces down with mineral spirits. This will remove any buildup that may be on surfaces (including nicotine from smoke) and help neutralize any finish coats.

Third: Pick the paint colors you want to use, for best results be sure to use an enamel paint or oil based paint. Use multiple colors to give it more of a kid's room feel.

Fourth: Apply paint in light coats and allow it to dry thoroughly between coats. Remove the drawers and place on a drop cloth with the face facing up and apply an even coat of paint over the surface. Placing the dresser frame on a drop cloth, do the same. When painting the sides and face, be sure not to allow the paint to run.

Fifth: Getting back to the hardware. If the old hardware fits your design, by all means use it. If not, be sure to take an old handle with you when shopping for new ones and use it to make sure the screw holes line up. Keep in mind, a draw pull can be replaced with two knobs, so get creative with your hardware.

Sixth: Decorating can be difficult. For the average DIYer I recommend shopping online for decals to help you decorate to your liking. It is advisable that the average DIYer stay away from fabric coating, layering designs, textured finishes, etc. If not done right it can ruin all your hard work. Leave those finishes to the more advanced refinishers. Though not as decorative of a finish, you can find decals on most any topic you want.


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