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 We haven’t done a tool week in a while, so I figure it’s time to do one. Let's take a look at Miter Saws.

A Miter Saw is a must have tool for the serious DIYer. But which one should you buy?

There are many Miter Saws to choose from and many brands. For the average DIYer you don’t need a top of the line Miter Saw but there are some features you should look for in a Miter Saw.

Don’t be fooled into buying the best brand, if you’re not cutting crown molding everyday, then why pay for the name? A cheaper brand like Chicago Electric (sells for about $130.00) would work fine for the occasional use and do most everything a DIYer will need.

Here are the features you would want in a Miter Saw:

1- You want a saw with a 12 inch blade.

2- Buy a saw with a radial arm, this allows you to cut larger pieces of wood.

3- Consider buying a Miter Saw with a tilt blade, this is a good option to have.

4- Power is something to be considered, a 15-amp motor or more is advisable.

5- Don’t waste your money on a battery operated Miter Saw unless you’re willing to limit yourself to hobby projects.

Also consider the blade you buy for your Miter Saw. A blade with a low tooth count (40T or less) is primarily for rough cuts. A blade with a medium tooth count (60T to 80T) is good for clean cuts, but not for finishing work. A blade with a high tooth count (100 and above) is for fine clean cuts. In general the higher the tooth count, the better it is for fine cuts, the lower the tooth count, the more it is designed for ripping (rough cuts).

It is not uncommon to have multiple blades, so pick the right Miter Saw and the right blades and you’ll be making some nice cuts.

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