Time To Insulate Those Attics

The DIYer

You may not be thinking about attic insulation right now, but this is the perfect time of year to do it. An attic that isn’t insulated can be costly year round. In the summer, the heat makes it harder to keep the house cool. And in the winter a lot of heat escapes through the attic.

Also the working conditions make now the prime time to insulate. In a few months it’s going to be getting warmer, on a 85 to 90 degree day, the attic could be as hot as 140 to 150 degrees. You wouldn’t want to be working up there then.

The most important thing to think about is safety. Having a few boards (or strips of plywood) laying across the beams could easily prevent you from falling through the ceiling below. Safety glasses and gloves are a must when working with insulation, and don’t forget the long sleeves to protect your arms. If installing unsleeved insulation, a mask should be worn.

Laying the insulation is the easy part. Most insulation comes in rolls or batts (lengths). Simply lay it between the beams. Be sure to keep it at least six inches away from recessed lighting and don’t cover any vents.

If you’re using roll insulation, it is better to measure the length of the space and pre-cut the insulation. You can always make minor cuts in place. If you have to use two pieces to fill a bay, be sure to overlap them by eight inches.

If you store things in the attic, using insulation that comes with plastic sleeving is best. If you don’t store things in the attic, most (faced or unfaced) attic insulations will work fine. All attics are a little different, so research your insulation job for the best way to do it before starting.

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