Rustic Farmhouse Table

The DIYer

(Part 1)

A reader wrote in asking about building a Rustic Farmhouse Table. I thought this was a great topic, however I am covering this in a two-part article due to limited article space.

Where to start?

As with any table, you will need to start with the legs and supports. If you have an old wood table with a sturdy frame, you can always just change the top. But if you’re building it from scratch, here are the basics.

1- Use pressure-treated wood or true timber. But bare in mind that true timber will require more sanding and/or planning.

2- Cut four 4x4s the same length for the legs.

3- Cut two 1x3s for the length of the table and two 1x3s for the width.

4- Attach a 4x4 to each end of the pieces for the width, giving you the two sides.

Be sure that your end piece is flush with the top and one of the sides of the 4x4s.

5- Attach each end of the pieces for the length to the sides leaving the 1x3s on the outside of the 4x4s. Make sure the tops and ends are flush.

6- Cut a 2x3 to fit between the inner sides of your length pieces and install them every 12 inches to support your tabletop.

7- At each end (your width sides) cut a 3x3 to fit between the 4x4s and install them on the inner sides of your 1x3s.

What’s next?

Now that you have your frame made, it’s time to build your tabletop. There are many designs for the tops. I am going to tell you how to make one of the most basic ones.

1- Measure the overall length of your frame and cut 2x6s, three inches longer than your length.

For every 12 inches of width cut two 2x6s and then cut two more.

2- Lay them out in place across your frame starting from the center. You may find that you need to adjust them to fit a full 2x3.

3- Lifting one out, mark the position of one of the remaining ones giving you your starting point to secure them in place.

4- Leaving 1 ½ overhang on either end, start securing your boards in place keeping the ends flush with one another.

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