10 DIYer Projects For Under $20.00

The DIYer

1- Add a little accent color

If you have shelves in a room, you can add a little accent color to the room by painting the shelves. Using a pastel paint will also brighten up a room even in small portions (like on shelves)

2- Replace light switches (and plate covers)

Most people don’t consider replacing a switch as an update, but changing it to a dimmer switch allows you to adjust a room's lighting to the perfect mood. Adding a decorative switch plate cover is also a nice added touch.

3- Re-caulk a bathroom

Re-caulking a bathroom not only adds a fresh, clean look to the caulked areas, it also provides a fresh seal to prevent water leaks.

4- Doorknob coat hangers

Old doorknobs make great coat hangers. With everything from antique brass to a glass look, and most anything else you can imagine, you can find doorknobs to accent any entrance way.

5- Natural wood coasters

Wood discs cut from branches are easy to find online. By staining a few to your desired color and applying a clear coat, they make great coasters, hot plates, etc.

6- Personalized key holders

Using an old picture frame, paint the frame to a color of your liking, add a fabric background and a few hooks along the bottom, and you have a personalized key holder.

7- Paint a bottle

Old decorative bottles are nice, but hand-painted ones add a unique decoration to any room.

8- Stain touchup coat

Not all staining projects require major work. An older, worn piece of furniture may look good and just need a little touchup. Applying a quick coat of stain can bring many things back to life.

9- Paint a door

A fresh coat of paint on the entrance door to your home, can give the entranceway a whole new life.

10- New lights

There are many light fixtures that cost less than $20, and a new light can change the entire look of a room.

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