Repairing Your Bar-B-Que

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A reader wrote in asking, “How to repair her Bar-B-Que.” Be sure the grill is cool and gas is off when working on it.

Removing the grate:

I’ve seen sites telling people to use tongs. I disagree. With the grill cold, lift it out carefully while wearing rubber gloves. You can use tongs to lift one end (if needed) to get a hold of it. Replace if needed.

Remove heat plates and coal:

Take them out and place on a piece of newspaper. Replace as needed.

Remove burner assembly:

This is where it starts to differ. Most burner assemblies gently lift out, however I have seen some that are secured in by a screw. If there is a screw, be gentle unscrewing it. The combination of heat and carbon will make them fragile. If any signs of pitting or wear, replace the burner assembly.


If the igniter is not visible, you can check it using a handheld mirror. If you see a spark, it is good. If not, try cleaning it with a little sandpaper before replacing it.


Should any of the above parts need to be replaced, new parts are installed by reversing the removal process.

Painting your grill:

If your grill needs to be painted, first clean it thoroughly using a good degreaser.

Only use high temperature enamel barbecue paint.

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