Backyard Bowling

The DIYer

This project is great for kids parties or just to have fun with the kids on a nice summer day.

To start off with you will need pins and a ball. Pins can be easily made by painting 20 oz. soda bottles white. For a ball, I recommend painting a tennis ball to a color of your choosing. Or you can buy plastic bowling sets at discount stores.

How to make the ally:

You will need the following:

Nine 12 ft lengths of decking wood,

Six 8 ft lengths of decking wood,

Two 8 or 10 ft 4x4’s

Silicone and stain

1 - Laying the 12 ft lengths side-by-side, get a true measurement of the width.

2- Cut the 8 ft lengths to the width from step one, you should end up with 12 pieces.

3- With the 12 ft lengths side-by-side, (tightly) screw one of the cut pieces (from step 2) every 12 inches holding them together.

4- Gently flip the assembled decking wood over and screw one 4x4 to either side (making bumpers).

5- Stain your alley using exterior stain/sealer and allow to dry thoroughly.

6- Using silicone, fill all the groves in the alley and smooth it over with a putty knife.

Silicone should be allowed to cure for 24 hours (48 hours in damp weather) before using your alley.

Now it’s time to have fun, bowling with the kids in your own backyard!

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