PVC Bike Rack

The DIYer

Looking for a way to keep the kids bikes from laying all over the yard?

Try this PVC Bike Rack, it will hold five bikes.

What you’ll need:

4- Lengths of 1 ½ PVC pipe

14- 1 ½ PVC elbows

20- 1 ½ PVC T’s

1- Can of PVC glue

Making the cuts:

Cut 10 pieces of PVC 3 ½ inches long. Then cut the rest into 12 inch pieces.

Connecting everything together:

1- Glue two 12-inch pieces into either end of an elbow making a V. Repeat 10 times.

2- Glue the ends of the V’s you just made into the “T” end of the PVC T’s.

Be sure they are at a 90-degree angle to your elbows to make your “V” stand upright.

3- Standing up one of your V’s, glue a 12-inch piece in to each T, so that they are coming out on the same side. Connect the 12-inch pieces using another 12-inch piece and two elbows.

4- On the other side of your T’s, glue a piece of three-inch PVC.

5- Now glue on a V to the 3 ½ pieces, and glue a 12-inch piece to the open side of the T’s.

6- Repeat steps 4 and 5, four times.

7- To close the end off, repeat step 3

Note: To ensure that you have all your pieces in the proper order, you can assemble your bike rack without glue, then remove one piece at a time and glue it as you go.

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