Give New Life to a Concrete Patio

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When most people think of staining, they think of wood.

Surprisingly there are a lot more things that can be stained than you think. This week we're going to look at staining your concrete patio (or driveway).

Over the years, driveways and patios get a lot of abuse from the weather (and many other things), and as a result there are stains that just won’t come out no matter what. Or maybe it’s just time to give your patio a new look.

There are many companies that make concrete stains, personally I’ve always used Rust-Oleum. As far as the best, everyone has their opinion, so research the brand you plan to buy.

Here are the steps to staining your concrete patio.

1- Using a high-pressure power washer and concrete cleaner, give your patio a good cleaning.

2- Using a stiff push broom, brush down your patio while hosing away any debris/dirt.

3- Using an industrial degreaser or acid cleaner and a brush, scrub your patio and allow to dry for 48 hours. Be sure to follow the instructions on the cleaner, including safety instructions.

4- Sweep your patio, then apply your concrete stain using a brush. For multiple colors or coats, allow 48 hours to dry between (even though manufacturers time may be less).

In addition:

When you’re staining your patio, it opens the door to a lot of new designs. After applying the base color, you can use stencils to add a design, you can add a border, you can even add a shuffleboard court. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that you sketch out your design and take your time staining in your pattern/design/game.

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