Hobby Tools for the DIYer

The DIYer

Each week I write an article for the DIYer’s. Most weeks they are geared towards larger projects. But there is a whole other group of DIYer’s out there, those that are focused primarily on small projects or hobbies.

There is a whole other line of tools for the hobbyist. This week I would like to tell you a little about them.

Hobby tools are tools that have a lot less power, smaller blades (on saws), etc, and are designed to only do the small projects. A good example would be a “Hobby miter box” verse a “standard use miter Box.” A standard use miter box has (on average) a  7¼” to 10”  blade, a 15 amp motor, etc. A Hobby miter box has (on average) a 2” blade and a 7800 RPM motor. As you can see in the photo, there is a major difference. 

In addition to miter boxes, there is an entire line of tools geared towards the hobbyist. They including (but not limited to) lathes, drill press, planes, etc.

To find these tools online, search for “hobby miter box,” “hobby drill press,” etc. or you can email me at the address below for direct links.

Tools for the hobbyist are (on average) a lot less expensive than tools for larger projects. They are smaller in size (so they are easier to store), but they are also limited to the smaller projects. They allow you to work with smaller things that you couldn’t do with the larger tools.

If your focus is on crafts and/or smaller hobby projects, I highly recommend considering investing in hobby tools. In future articles, I will be covering more hobby (smaller) projects. So start getting your hobby tools ready and email me with your ideas for future hobby projects.

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