Wood Burning

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 No matter if you’re making ornaments, coasters, signs or a personalized gift, a wood burning kit can cost between ($25 and $35) (without specialty tips), and is a great way to add a personalized touch to most any smaller wood project.


Wood burning kits and supplies (including wood) can be found online or at most craft stores. Some of the best things to work with are sliced tree branches (for coasters), reclaimed wood (for signs) and project wood for other types of projects.


For the artistic people out there, draw your design on the wood of your choosing with a #2 pencil. If you’re artistically challenged like me, pick a design you like or print what you like from the computer. Use tracing paper to transfer the design to your wood.

How to tips:

Most wood burning kits will come with instructions, but here are a few tips that most won't include:

1- Always practice first on scrap wood.

2- Always burn your outer designs first, before working on the fill of the design.

3- Use light colored, unstained wood for your projects, then stain or coat with a light colored or clear stain/coat.

4- Practice layering. Layering the fill area of your design can make the difference in how your project comes out.

5- Take your time. Wood burning is a timely, detailed art. Rushing it will reflect the final project.

6- Experiment. Wood burning kits come with an assortment of tips for a reason. Familiarize yourself with the tips, the look you get with each tip and using each tip on different angles. One project can require using one or as many as six tips.

7- Age recommendations. Kits start with a recommended age of 10+ years old. Wood burning tools can be dangerous, I recommend adult supervision for anyone 14 years old or younger.

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 By Artie Wallace


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