Top 10 DIY Projects to Prepare for the Fall

The DIYer

With almost a month left of summer, who wants to think about the Fall?

The DIYers do….

I put together a list of 10 must do projects for The DIYers out there to prepare for the fall. These projects range on a skill level of one to 10 on The DIYer skill scale (with 10 being the most difficult) and should be on every homeowner’s To Do list, not just The DIYers.

I will be covering each of these projects in detail in future weekly articles.

Top 10 projects:

1 - Check and/or change fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and CO2 detectors.

In the fall months there is a lot more use for candles, holiday lights, extension cords, etc. These are among the leading cause of fires in the fall and winter months.

Skill level of 2 on The DIYer skill scale.

2- Clean your gutters. Gutters have a tendency to get clogged more in the fall and winter months. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and leak into your home causing damage to walls and ceilings.

Skill level of 5 on The DIYer skill scale.

3- Check your HV, A/C and heating units. Though you may not be thinking of heating right now, the last thing you want to do is have your heat go off on a Saturday night when it’s 30 degrees.

Skill level of 8 to 10 on The DIYer skill scale.

4- Check your roof. Obviously roofs don’t have to be replaced every year, but tared seams in flashing do have a tendency to need maintenance after the heat of summer. It is a good idea to check it every year and do minor maintenance before you have a problem.

Skill level of 8 to 10 on The DIYer skill scale.

5- Flush your water heater. Most people don’t realize that your water heater needs maintenance. Flushing your water heater annually is easy to do and can almost double the life of your water heater.

Skill level of 3 on The DIYer skill scale.

To be continued next week.

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