10 Quick Fixes/Savings Using Dollar Store Items

The DIYer

Dollar stores vary in what they sell, but the general stock is basically the same. Here are 10 quick fixes that you can do with dollar store items.

1- Hide/coat a screw/nail

Before the screw rusts, put a coat of nail polish on it. That will seal it from the weather. You can match the color by using a colored nail polish.

2- Label things

Using colored nail polish is a good way to mark keys so that you don’t have to fumble through them. Dollar stores also carry a good supply of stick on labels.

3- Keep screws from coming loose

When you have a screw that keeps coming loose. Putting a little clear nail polish on the threads will help lock the screw in place.

4- Get organized

Most dollar stores carry wire or plastic baskets. These baskets are great for organizing your kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc.

5- General repairs

I wouldn’t buy them for frequent use, if you’re doing something and it’s a one time thing, a screwdriver, spackle knife, etc from the dollar store will get you through.

6- Automotive supplies

I won’t deny that I bought a quart of oil from a dollar store once or twice in my time. Even more so, I have bought automotive cleaning supplies from the dollar stores. Why not? They do the job and the prices are less than in a auto supply store.

7- General house cleaning

Cleaning supplies at the supermarket are getting expensive. Most dollar stores carry brand names for less, if you don’t mind the off brands, you can save a lot more.

8- Decorations

People like to decorate according to the season or holiday. Dollar stores carry a good selection of little things to help bring the spirit of the season or holiday into your home at a discounted price.

9- Having a party?

Party decorations can get expensive at party supply stores. Dollar stores carry a wide variety of party supplies at a much lower price.

10- School supplies

For general supplies like books, pencils, etc., dollar stores carry a good range of items at discount prices.

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