Paddy Tubz: An Actor’s Life For Me


 You may have seen him wearing a colorful afro or crazy costume behind the DJ booth at a local event or party, Radio Bingo or Monday night trivia at the Bungalow Bar and it’s guaranteed that he had you laughing. But did you know Paddy Tubz is also a professional actor?  The Arverne by the Sea resident is living out his passion as an entertainer and has shown his talents on the big and small screen, as well as theater, comedy club and improv stages.

Paddy Tubz has been entertaining people for as long as he can remember. “I was always the class clown and I started acting when I was very young. I would put on puppet shows in my backyard and would assign roles to my cousins and brothers, who wanted no part of it because they were all athletes and I wasn't," Tubz said of his Tubridy siblings. “When I was about four, I told my mom I wanted to work in the circus. I just always had this longing to entertain. I got an agent as a kid and was going to auditions as a teen and I booked a couple commercials,” he said. In high school, his life went off on a tangent. “I was going to go to the High School for Performing Arts, but a lot of my friends were going to Xavier so I went there and didn’t follow the acting bug, I got into student government instead. I went to a small liberal arts college in North Carolina and didn’t know what I wanted to do. So many people said acting was a tough industry and people were trying to protect me,” Tubz said. While living down south, he went on to work odd jobs from everything from a teacher to a hibachi chef to a seven-year career as a pharmaceutical sales rep before moving back to New York in 2008.

After coming back to NY, Tubz came across the art of improv and started taking classes with the Upright Citizens Brigade. “I realized that I loved improv and it brought back something I hadn’t felt since my teenage years, which was this playfulness of entertaining people and I said this is what I wanted to do. I was in my 30s when I figured it out and although it was later in life, I knew it’s never too late," Tubz said.  From there, Tubz went on to learn more about comedy. “I went to the Manhattan Comedy School, which let me move on from improv and I learned from Cory Kahaney how to do standup. Standup is one of the most difficult things I’ve done, but it put me out there. ”

Tubz has had small roles on some big name productions. He recently appeared on HBO’s “Vinyl” alongside Ray Romano and Bob Cannavale and CBS’ “The Good Wife.” His film credits include eccentric roles such as a hipster intern in The Intern, Rick the Redneck in Illegal Alien and a cokehead in Money Shooters. He’s appeared in commercials for things like Kool Aid, Nintendo NES and more. Tubz has also dabbled in theater, playing a newsboy and farmhand in the Bayswater Jewish Center’s production of Gypsy, Puck in a Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Balibay Theater, Henry in Finian’s Rainbow with the YMCA Theater and much more.

Tubz continuously learns more to improve his craft. “I only became a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member three years ago and that’s when it started to open up opportunities that weren’t there before. Part of that included going to the SAG conservatory where they teach you acting classes and things like audition techniques. You’re never too old to start and you’re never too old to learn something new. I’m constantly trying to get better as an actor,” he said.

Tubz has some exciting projects coming up that will give him even more of a boost. This year, he filmed a scene for TV Land’s “The Jim Gaffigan Show” alongside Jim Gaffigan and Chef Mario Batali, who he often gets mistaken for. The episode  should be airing soon. He’s also been accepted into The Actors Project NYC (TAPNY) with which he’ll be showcasing a monologue on off-Broadway theater this fall. Tubz is particularly excited about a fun solo project in which he’ll play Jabba the Hutt for a YouTube video that he’ll be shooting in Fort Tilden on July 6. “This is something I’m doing on my own. It’s the first thing I’m producing and I’ve written myself. That creative spirit in me is just so excited about it because it’s just me alone and I’m not being directed. I’m going to share it on YouTube and maybe it will go viral. It’s all for the smiles and laughs. I get a natural high when I hear laughter. It makes me so happy, ” he said.

While pursuing an acting career, working in real estate and substitute teaching, Tubz still finds time to entertain as a DJ, which he says helps his craft. “I started DJing in 1999. I love music and I found that I could also put on a show while entertaining people that way. Whether I’m wearing an afro or dressed like a clown, I’m always entertaining and people love it. It’s all part of being a showman, ” he said. He sometimes works for his family’s company, Djs@Work, which hosts Radio Bingo, as well as independent gigs. “I’m still booking weddings and bar mitzvahs, so feel free to book me!” he added.

As far as acting goes, Tubz has dreams of starring in his own television show one day. “That’s my big goal. I was never one for writing down goals, but I started to recently and I feel that it’s turned my life around. My friend Vinny Bonanno encouraged me to use something called Passion Planner and it has made a big difference when it comes to achieving goals. There are big goals and there are small goals. You have to work on the small goals to get to the big ones. An acting career isn’t always easy, but when it’s your passion, you keep going,” he said.


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