The Pipeline: Station RBNY


 If you ever need some surf gear, there are plenty of options in town. As part of this weekly column, in no particular order, we’ll profile different surf businesses. This week is newcomer Station RBNY.

 Station RBNY may have just opened in May, but owners, Nigel Louis and Andrew Dima bring many years of experience in sports retail, business, stand-up paddelboarding and of course, surfing. With Louis bringing his expertise in surfing and surf brands to the table and Dima, also co-owner of A-Team Paddleboarding, bringing his SUP knowledge, the team has turned Station RBNY into what Dima calls “a one stop shop for everything fun in Rockaway.”

Louis, who grew up in Barbados, started surfing when he was 10 years old. Dima started surfing when he was nine, but focuses more on SUP. Both moved to Rockaway within the past four years to be closer to the ocean. With Louis previously working for Breakwater, the two met in Rockaway and realized they had similar outlooks on what to bring to the surf shop scene.

“There are many other surf shops and they all have their own unique way of doing something. We have our own twist, which is a little different. We wanted to provide something different to both the locals and people coming over the bridge,” Dima said. “I’ve been surfing in Rockaway since there was the Secret Surf shop and now there’s so much going on here and it hasn’t even reached its potential yet. There’s room for everyone. We wanted to bring in a different view on surfing and offer items that might not be on other people’s radar,” Louis said. Louis brings many years of experience in the action sports industry and worked for popular surf brands like Hurley, Billabong, Quicksilver and more. Owning his own surf shop where he could bring his knowledge of good brands has been a longtime goal. “It’s been a dream of mine since I was five to own my own store,” he said.

Station RBNY’s tagline is Surfing/ Skateboarding/ Community/ Life and they offer things to meet each need. They sell everything from surf, skate and SUP Boards and accessories and apparel for everyone with items like bathing suits, wetsuits, shoes, hats, t-shirts and more. They plan to offer winter apparel in the offseason. “We offer surf/skate products but we also cater to people who don’t do those things,” Louis said.  “We don’t want people having to go over the bridge to get something,” Dima added. They also offer services like board rentals, repairs and locker rentals, lessons for all sports, a hot shower and a backyard hangout space, which they hope to utilize more this summer. “We want to do movie nights and host cool surf and skate-related events. We would love to let people connect over their surf sessions and tell stories and create this community space, kind of like the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, but without the alcohol and tacos,” Louis said.

In addition to products and services, Station RBNY prides itself on quality customer service, which is clear from the warm greetings from the staff as soon as your walk in. They also aim to provide knowledgeable advice. “We put service first. When people walk in, we want them to know what we’re talking about. If they have a question, we want to give them the answers that will help them become better at their sport. We want them to leave saying, ‘wow, the shop is amazing, they have good stuff and a good atmosphere.’ We want the customer to feel appreciated and remember our name,” Louis said. Dima says they also direct customers to other shops if it helps them. “We’re 50 steps from Boarders. If we don’t carry a certain product, we refer people there or to another shop. We’re here to support each other,” Dima said. “If we give people more options, we get more people coming out here. We’re looking to improve the community as a whole,” Louis added.


Station RBNY is located at 91-08B Rockaway Beach Boulevard. They’re open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Check out  or call 929-287-4780 for more.