Presidential politics sure gets everyone heated and the timing sometimes isn’t that great as families join together just a couple of weeks later for Thanksgiving.  Here’s advice that won’t be heeded but we’re offering it anyway because ‘tis the season. 

No one’s mind is going to be changed about the election so there’s no point in rehashing as turkey is served. Of course, if you’re surrounded by a family with unanimous sentiments, rehash away! 

But it would be a shame if politics obscures the many things we have to be thankful for. 

Voting in New York in Presidential elections is not all that much different than rooting for a major sports team.  You might like the Yankees or the Mets. In fact, you might be extraordinarily passionate in your devotion but your deep feelings won’t change how Joe Girardi will manage the Yankees.  You can scream at the top of your lungs about how he’s using the pitching staff but he’s unlikely to hear you. 

Sports fans can harbor deep –let’s not say hatred – enmity towards another team in town.  A Yankees fan might never, ever appreciate why someone would follow the Mets.  And vice versa.  It can drive them nuts. 

We’re fairly certain that no fan has changed team allegiance because the other fan screamed that their team was superior.

Sometimes sports fans feel physically ill after their team suffers a loss.  Emotionally, they have that much invested.  They might even take out their feelings on family.  Others might say that’s going a little overboard.

Plenty of passionate fans have best friends and family who for some crazy reason like the other team.  But ultimately (and hopefully) they realize that their friendship and love is built on more than feelings for a sports team.

And here's the thing, Joe Girardi might not hear you shouting from the stands, but if you were playing for the Yankees he’d be more likely to listen.  That’s an analogy to what goes on with politics.  If you’re involved in the game talk to people in the game.  Rally, call, vote.

Otherwise, you’re just a fan yelling at another fan that your team is better.

Every now and then a sports fan shifts allegiance.  But it’s never because someone shouted at them. 

Here’s to a warm, wonderful Thanksgiving.  We hope you feel thankful.