Thanksgiving was at least six months ago.

I went to a fantastic wedding last New Year’s Eve. But I swear that couple must be celebrating their third of fourth anniversary. It couldn’t have been just one year ago. No way.

Australian wildfires which seemed to threaten everything Down Under happened in January. It was a big story that went up in flames. Sorry, sometimes puns just insist on getting in. Anyway, where was I? Oh, Australia. The fires are forgotten and now the news is, the place is practically Covid-free. Those fires? Now I’m pretty sure they happened in 2015.      

Kobe Bryant? In a few weeks there will be one-year anniversary stories about his death (and those with him) in a helicopter crash. One year? Kobe Bryant died just

You know how sometimes your kids don’t want advice but you give it to them anyway. You know how somebody talking about silver linings can have really bad timing. Sometimes you just want to wallow in the dark and don’t want to hear about looking at the bright side. Yes, I know things could always be worse but you’re making it worse by telling me that.

So, to be clear, I’m not saying things could be worse. I’m fully onboard with those who don’t even see the glass, never mind if it’s half empty

We weren’t poor, we were inventive. We’ve gone from make-do to just get another one.

I was watching Intelligence on Netflix, a pretty good mob/government conspiracy series and there’s a cliffhanger at the end of Season 2. I do the quick search with the remote and I don’t see Season 3. I ask the friend who recommended it and he says, yeah, there’s no Season 3, that’s it.

First, I’m annoyed. How can you recommend something that just goes away, and isn’t resolved? And he shrugs, that’s the way

If you just want the short version, this is a rave review.

The long version begins with us arriving for a staycation, being greeted by friendly, welcoming staff at the front door of The Rockaway Hotel, the brand new place on Beach 108th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. A minute later, you’re struck by the sleek lobby and the feeling you’ve just left Rockaway but you haven’t; you’ve stepped into an alternate Rockaway universe, Rockaway, at its best. It’s Rockaway potential

I need to rant. I was going to write a letter to the editor but I was afraid The Rockaway Times wouldn’t print it.

There’s been a lot of count-all-the-votes and stop-counting-the-votes noise but in my book it’s more like start the vote count.

I was a regular boy scout johnny-come-early with my absentee ballot. I mailed it September, wait I gotta put that in caps, SEPTEMBER 30 and they still haven’t friggin’ counted my vote. Which could definitely sway things.

It’s 36 days. I have the

Some people will mark the Sandy anniversary next week, I’ll mark the time a buddy and I got kicked out of a Billy Joel concert.

There should be a word for getting busted on something that’s a lot less egregious than a previous offence. Something a little less than Caponed. 

As you know, Al Capone was a bootlegger who killed people, had people killed, and was Public Enemy Number One. They got him on tax evasion. He got Caponed. I believe my legal eagle friends call that justice by proxy

In the old days, a hindu was a do-over. You’d be playing some game and if a ball hit a crack or a stick and went out of play, somebody would call “hindu” and it meant you had to do the play over again.

Why hindu? Well, what’s Hindu known for? Among other things, at the top of the list is reincarnation, probably the biggest do-over of all time. So, when the ball hit the crack, you couldn’t expect street kids to yell “reincarnation!”

Do-over has three syllables and hindu only two. Abbreviation

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