If you missed the last couple of weeks of Boyleing Points, I’m on some 500+-mile bike odyssey. You can get up to date at Rockawaytimes.com or on The  Rockaway Times YouTube channel. 

Anyway, you think you had it tough with 24-degree weather? Add nine to that number and that’s how much I paid for the Dixie Motel where Georgia and Florida are the same thing. And I overpaid.

The shower was like the visiting team’s locker room in a public school. If you’ve never seen one, your imagination should do. I thought the bed spread had hair on it but, thankfully, it was only the threads coming apart. I dumped the clothes out of my laundry bag and slid my legs in for extra protection through the night.

A tube TV, the kind you put at the sidewalk

I think I mentioned that I’m riding my bike from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina to Tampa, Florida but I can’t be sure after getting pelted with rain and hail on the second day of this 500-mile trip. One thing is for sure and that is, it'll be longer than 500. GPS or Google Maps  knows how to get you lost sometimes. Plus you add miles when you forget stuff back at the hotel or go on missions of mercy.

I’m biking with Rick Horan and both our bikes have batteries which help a great deal when your

I was reading up on some over-the-hill jocks whose motto is, “Add years to your life by adding life to your years. Play basketball.”

Which reminded me of the old Mae West line, “It’s not the men in my life, it’s the life in my men.” Which reminded me of another clever twist, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste. And a waist is a terrible thing to mind.”

Sometimes such wisdom is lost on me. When the going gets tough, the tough get going; and I go home or under the covers.

I figured there must

I’m no Whit’s End but I’ve dropped an F-bomb once or twice in my life. Sometimes in the same effin’ sentence. Note to all my lady friends in the Golden Age club: I know my mother is rolling her eyes in heaven and tsk, tsking. She’d say it’s not a sin to curse but I am “contributing to the coarsening of the language.” Coarsening. There’s a word you don’t get to use too effin’ often. Point is, ladies, you don’t have to tell me I should know better. I know, I know.  Of course, some of my granny

I was looking around the house for waterproof socks and padded underwear. And just for the record, I don’t mean padded socks and waterproof underwear.

Anyway, it seems, I wasn’t the only one getting prepared for my upcoming trip. In my search for these essentials, I came across a box of party supplies under a blanket in a back closet. 

I didn’t even have time to scratch my head before the doorbell rang. There was a beer and liquor delivery man at the door. He gave me a big smile and a hey

I believe the Earth is round or at least spherical, so I’m not a flat-earther. Though I think if you get to the end of Far Rockaway, you might fall off the planet. But I digress.

Whenever I want to get people screaming at me, I show them how dumb I am. They start off patiently trying to tell me why people in the Southern Hemisphere aren’t upside down.  If the world is shaped like a basketball and they’re on the bottom, shouldn’t they be upside down? Gravity keeps them glued to their Earth but

I owned a bar once. If you ever get the urge to do the same, I’ll do my best to talk you out of it.

Anyway, with the Yankees and playoff baseball underway, it’s that time of year for me to celebrate another year of Los Angeles Dodgers heartbreak. The LA Dodgers haven’t won the World Series in almost three decades, despite being an odds-makers’ favorite several times.

They can have the best pitching and hit the most homeruns but they can’t get by the hex, the whammy, the evil eye, the curse of

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