The column this week is short and sweet. I have been obeying my clan’s dictum to remain at home and I try to spend my time, as best I can, doing some constructive things around the house. The other day, I was watering the many plants around the homestead and I struck up a conversation with a rather large spider who turned out to be quite an interesting fellow. My beloved Grace pointed out the fact that I was actually speaking with a spider, which might give cause for some to question the state of my mental well-being. I told Grace that this guy was one of the best web designers I ever met.

I know many of you are becoming somewhat angry regarding your inability to be tested for the coronavirus. The truth of the matter is that you are

Needless to say, the talk around the house has been centered on the Coronavirus. Yes, the apocalypse is upon us, but instead of anarchy and zombies, we are being forced to deal with being stuck at home with our children who are prohibited from attending school and a shortage of toilet paper.   

As a father, I have found it difficult to explain to my daughters how a guy eating bat soup in Wuhan, China led to a toilet paper shortage in the United States. I did however point out one salient fact

On my travels recently, I stopped into a bakery out on the Island on Sunrise Highway, having been drawn to the shop's window display of Christmas-related baked goods and confectioneries. Upon entering the establishment, I was immediately overwhelmed by the delicious aromas therein and using my nose as a compass, I soon found my way to a rather delicious-looking display of my all-time favorite holiday cookie—a Gingerbread Man.

I am certainly not alone in my passion for this treat as even

At Thanksgiving, gratitude is the topic on most people's minds. From social media, to community events, and family gatherings, the emphasis is on how to identify what you're grateful for and express appreciation. With Thanksgiving only a week away, the Broad Channel VFW Prince-Wynn Post #260 on Shad Creek Road would like to take a moment to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes.       

Because of their commitment, we can live free and full of hope for the future. Each

This past weekend, whilst I was over at the Rockaway Stop and Shop picking up various staples and sundries I probably didn't need, I chanced upon an elderly married couple, both neighbors from Broad Channel, engaged in an excited discussion about the fact that an Uber driver had tested positive for the dreaded coronavirus, and was being held in isolation for treatment at St. John's Episcopal Hospital.

The husband appeared to be extremely concerned about this issue, as he feared that he was in

As tradition has it, myself and my beloved Grace ("She who must be obeyed") were invited to spend Thanksgiving with other members of Grace's family. With all that is going on in our country, I spent some time ruminating about the Thanksgiving holiday and how I could make it more meaningful for the entire clan. I realized that, especially now, the holiday presents a "mixed-bag" for folks. For some, it's a happy celebration of Americana. For others, it's a chance to gorge on food and watch

Last weekend's 100 Year Centennial celebration at Broad Channel's VFW Prince-Wynn Post #260 was a resounding success, exceeding all expectations, and so it goes without saying that the men and women up at the Post should be acknowledged for all their selfless work towards making this such a memorable event. A special thank you is also extended to our local wordsmith and reporter, Katie McFadden, for her terrific article (Cheers to 100 Years for VFW Post 260) in The  Rockaway Times last week

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