Each year I promise myself, to no avail, that I will not allow politically correct liberal attempts to denigrate the Christmas season annoy me, as each year I find my blood pressure going through the roof right around this time. For example, in recent years the American Humanist Association spent thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign specifically targeting the Christmas holiday. Oops! Did I write Christmas? Of course, I meant to say the upcoming Winter Festival season. The ad campaign states "Why believe in a God? Just be good for goodness' sake."

Now, one could argue that the intent of the ad is well-meaning as it simply puts forth the argument that people should be good. I would argue that if that were the case, why involve a

In Broad Channel, as anywhere that people celebrate Thanksgiving, thoughts of our families are foremost in our minds. What makes our community special is the fact that we tend to view our little community on the bay not simply as a neighborhood, but as our "home," and our friends and neighbors as extended family. 

Hard to believe in this day and age, but Thanksgiving in Broad Channel still remains a family-centric holiday, consisting of a day of humble introspection with an accompanying

This coming Tuesday, November 6 is the New York State 2018 General Election and, as always, I would counsel that it is up to each voter to locate easily available information about each candidate and all proposed ballot measures in order to make an informed decision about how to vote. Rather than allowing potential leaders to hide weaknesses and wrongdoing from public awareness, our democratic voting process urges all of us to get involved and to share viewpoints about who should lead us. 


It has long been said that opposites attract, however, there is one dichotomy of lifestyle that has long been the bane of happiness within our household at the end of West 12th Road, and that is our individual sleeping habits. The problem stems from the fact that my beloved Grace (aka - she who must be obeyed) is a "night owl" who rarely retires until well after midnight and arises several hours past sunrise. Unfortunately, I am a member of that much rarer avian species, the lark, often-times

Recently 7,000 American sailors and Marines visited Iceland's capital city of Reykjavik as part of NATO’s Trident Juncture military exercise. Within a matter of hours, Iceland was facing a national crisis as the visiting swabbies and jarheads immediately set about visiting the local taverns, where they quickly consumed much of that city's beer supply.

Local news in Reykjavik reported that the sailors and Marines preferred local beers over imports, and were very willing to sample different

What exactly is a "penny social" you ask? For those of you unfamiliar, here’s a little primer to get you ready. Penny Socials are special fundraising events dating back in origin to European countries where tickets were sold for a penny each. Hence, the name penny social or penny sale. It combines the elements of both an auction and a raffle. The common factor is that the bidding is done with a ticket. Each participant buys a certain number of tickets for a set price. They then use those

A great big shout out to my neighbor across the street, Joan Marie DelaHunt, who lost her home seven years ago when Hurricane Irene blew through our area. Joan had worked for the better part of a year, immediately after Irene, playing chutes and ladders with FEMA and the insurance companies when on October 29, 2012, Sandy's storm surge rolled through the neighborhood, negating all her efforts to date and sending her back down the chute to start a brand new game, this time with New York City's

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