Catching Up On Tiger

Between The Bridges

The recent wet weather forced the cancellation of the annual Broad Channel Memorial Day Parade. Actually, no one I spoke to could remember when this annual event had ever been canceled due to inclement weather prior to this year. Thankfully, the rain didn't prevent the two busloads of disabled veterans from St. Albans from showing up and enjoying an afternoon of great food and entertainment provided by the guys and gals of our local VFW staff. A great big thank you is also extended to those Broad Channel residents who braved the soggy weather and stopped by to pay their respects and offer thanks to the vets for their service to our nation.

I was watching with some interest Tiger Woods' performance at the Memorial Gold Tournament over this past weekend as he worked to get his game in shape for the upcoming U.S. Open next week at Shinnecock Hills.

Unfortunately, Tiger’s putting game appears to remain his main impediment with his struggle to achieve the glory of years gone past, which went south on the professional golfer back in November of 2009 when he was injured in a car accident early Friday outside his Florida mansion. 

Prior to the accident, Tiger was basically thought of as the God of Professional Golf, but that night his professional world came crashing down around him in a truly spectacular fashion. Initially, it was reported that Tiger was injured when his car hit both a tree and fire hydrant as he was leaving his driveway in the wee hours of the morning. His wife (at that time) stated she was in the house when she heard the accident and came out and broke the back window of Tiger’s vehicle with a golf club in order to get him out of the car. Of course, Twitter was still in its infancy back then but nevertheless, over a period of days, another storyline surfaced contradicting the initial one, now indicating that his wife had actually chased his vehicle down before breaking the rear window of the car with a golf club.

I know most people reading this today will simply yawn and say that c'mon, that was almost 10 years ago, but I have continually followed this story since 2009 and to date have yet to discover the answer to a burning question that has been foremost in my mind since that fateful morning. Did his wife use a wood or an iron to break the window?

Broad Channel, why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

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