Tree Be Gone

Dear Editor:

(In response to Enrico Luisi’s letter regarding the Beach 116th Christmas tree)

I paid $150 out of my pocket to have the Christmas tree properly disposed of by a local tree removal company last Thursday, May 11 after making numerous phone calls to Parks Department, who did not return any calls (shocking). I hope that is a sufficient response to answer to the question WHY IS IT STILL UP??? I guess no one noticed before this letter was published on May 16? As the saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished.” As far as a response to “WISE UP!!!", you bet I will for next year. I guess we should all be happy that this is the only problem noticed on this ignored corridor.

Liz Hanna


Addabbo, Do More


One Light Too Many

Dear Editor:

I see that the DOT's threat to install another traffic light on Beach Channel Drive at Beach 92nd Street is coming to pass. That is going to make westbound traffic already impeded by the Beach 90th Street traffic light even worse. The traffic light on Beach 90th Street was never needed, and has caused far more problems than it solved. With a new traffic light about to be activated just a couple of blocks away, it really needs to go.

Rick Horan


Dumb &amp

A Sticky Situation

Dear Editor:

The April 4 article, “What In Tarnation?” stated that tar was first observed on our ocean beach Thursday, March 28 as a result of the recent oil spill caused by a leak in the fuel tank of the Dublin Express container ship. Like many Rockaway residents, I frequently walk the beach and had observed thousands of gannets migrating along the ocean from Thursday, March 28 to Saturday, March 30.  I hope none of them were injured by this spill.

We should all be proud

Out On a Limb

Dear Editor:

Last week, Queens Forestry was in Rockaway pruning the trees AGAIN. It's hard not to notice that practically every tree had limbs cut off regardless if it was big or small or if it was a young tree or a mature tree. When you look at them, it's quite obvious the vast majority of them did not need pruning at all but it didn't matter, it was "cut we must" once again. If this mismanagement continues, there won't be much left to many of the trees. You have to wonder if

This Stinks

Dear Editor:

I'm writing this letter to complain about the constant dangerous events that happen throughout the day, every single day at the business known to all as Call-A-Head in Broad Channel.

How on earth do they get away with conducting business all over the road, blocking lanes with their trucks, or some other cars double parking, parked trucks all over the median strip? When heading north on the Cross Bay Blvd., those trucks create a blind spot of those double- parked

Robocall Madness

Dear Editor:

My wife and I are being inundated by spam and robocalls despite being on the (obviously ineffective) "do not call" list. I probably get three calls daily from a 212 number that says, "Bank of America" and then lapses into a Chinese language. We are getting at least five or six calls each day and I know we are not alone. Where are our elected representatives on this? Someone (meaning all elected politicians) needs to act. Their constituents are being abused. If

Tax Unprepped

Dear Editor:

Back sometime in early-February, you posted a small article announcing Free Tax Assistance and Preparation for Seniors whose income is less than $64,000.

I happened to read it and now that I am retired, I fall into that income range and decided to save some money. Well, I am still awaiting my income tax to be completed as they were lost once and delayed on two other occasions after stating to me in early February it takes two to three days usually. CAMBA (Church

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