Fish Puck

Dear Editor:

I was tickled to find Mr. Reinhardt's (and Scout's) find on the front page of the latest issue of The Rockaway Times! I found a puffer fish while walking home the other day around Beach 120th. The little dude I found was more of a hockey puck than the photogenic fish on the cover, but certainly the same species. I had no idea how the dried-up little guy I found ended up on Rockaway Beach Blvd, although I had guessed the fish ended up this far north ahead of the hurricane down south.

Thought you might find it even a tiny bit interesting, as fish pucks of this species are few and far between!

Marieke Bender


Far Rock Detriment

Dear Editor:

The puff piece about Councilman Donovan Richards’ plans to destroy Far

Bring Back Halloween

Dear Editor:

I’ve been doing a lot of running lately and my runs occasionally bring me through Fort Tilden. One day while thinking to myself during a run, I began recalling childhood memories of Halloween and the haunted houses Rockaway residents used to host at their homes. I always remember being so scared of them as a kid and how you just don’t see those anymore. I also remember Fort Tilden used to host a haunted house and hayride. Not sure if it was the RAA who put

Local Cab Woes

Dear Editor:

I love Rockaway, I truly do. I don’t even mind the hour-plus commute to the city because we get to come home to paradise. On the flip side, you can’t have paradise without fixing the issues, so I wanted to reach out in the hopes that honest discussion could help fix something that is broken in this community.

Rockaway cab companies are becoming more and more difficult to ride in. I understand there is pressure from Uber, etc., but in my mind, that should only make

Curb Your Horse

Dear Editor:

I saw the story from National Park about “four-legged law enforcement” and how the horses are helpful and become part of the community.  The photo of the mounted police on the horses riding along the boardwalk looked great but the article did not state whether these animals wear diapers. They should!

Unfortunately, the boardwalk has its share of dog crap. The last thing we need is piles of horse poop.

Carol M.


Bald on the Beach

Dear Editor:

The month of

Save a Life

Dear Editor:

Dynamic Youth Community Inc. (DYC) is determined to combat the opiate epidemic by providing prevention, education, and intervention services and support in the Rockaways.

DYC has been serving young adults from the five boroughs, Long Island, upstate New York and parts of New Jersey for 47 years. Each year, we see more and more of our members come from Queens and the Rockaways.

On Saturday, October 6 at 2 p.m., Dynamic Youth Community, Inc. will be hosting a Narcan

By George, We Got It

Dear Editor:

Mention of the Hurricane Donna anniversary appreciated!

Richard C Berger.


More Groins, Please

Dear Editor:

I quickly browsed the revised ACOE plans for coastal protection in Rockaway that was released last week. I immediately found the section that detailed the plans for new groin / jetty installations, and was surprised to see that the original plan to have the groins end at Beach 121st Street had not been changed. Anyone who has been to the beaches

Dear Editor:

As a regular RT reader, it frustrates me to continually read the great ferry reviews and the wonderful increase in ridership especially on the weekends. Yes, it is a great ride and it’s great for Rockaway’s businesses and I’m all for it, but where the crowds go after the ride was not considered. These full-to-capacity vessels unload thousands of visitors who pour onto the closest beaches: 107th-108th-109th, causing, them to be overcrowded. What is unfortunate is that the beaches

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