Dear Editor:

 On October 18, Bill Hanson died and took a bit of Rockaway with him. We lost one of our best and I lost one of my best friends. Bill was a great mentor, a dedicated family man and a fantastic cook. He was taken from us way too soon.

 Bill and his wife, Nancy, started Roxbury Mills and employed many locals at their Beach 101st Street knitting mill for years. While running a business and raising a family, he also found the time to serve on the boards of both the RDRC and CB 14. 

An accomplished kayaker and Olympic team coach, Bill was instrumental in launching the Gateway Bike & Boathouse in 2008 to introduce new people to the sport via free public kayaking. The Hansons even volunteered their home for the fundraiser that

“The Law Is An Ass”

Dear Editor:

Charles Dickens didn’t know the half of it. Did you know that if you are driving and stop to retrieve something from a neighbor’s recyclable trash, NYC can confiscate your car? Or that NYC law says that you can be fined up to $15,000.00 and be sentenced to a year in jail for trimming that city tree in front of your house? And because it is illegal to bring furniture into a city park you can be fined for taking the sun sitting in your own folding chair. As

Dear Editor:

After some more horrible drownings this week is there any chance you can reach out to our local politicians (Stacey Amato comes to mind because she gets stuff done) and put forth a mandatory annual water safety class through our city schools?

The FDNY is the greatest Department in the world and they would love the opportunity to put a program together that could save kids’ lives! I am sure of it! That is what they do!!

All five boroughs are near water and even if most kids


Dear Editor:

I must disagree with Ilyassha Shivers that Rockaway has a serious problem with racism. The anti-Semitic graffiti at the Silver Gull Club and on the beach were most likely the work of a low-IQ teenage miscreant who thought it was funny. I do believe that we live in a post-racial era where, to paraphrase Dr. King, we judge a person not by the color of their skin but rather the content of their character. If I see a person walking with their pants around their knees and

Alma Mater Mixup

Dear Editor:

I’ve been meaning to write for a while to say how much I enjoy reading your paper. Though living in Singapore, my mother (Peggy Moerler) mails it to me every week. On my next trip back to Rockaway, I’ll have to pick up a shirt and will send in a photo from somewhere in Asia.

It’s always good to see what’s up in Rockaway and what Rockaway folks are up to. I’ve just received the September 26, 2019 issue (snail mail takes some time to get here) and saw the article

One Great Gatsby!

Dear Editor:

Superb performances, setting, costumes and just everything. RTC continues to amaze with its latest show—The Great Gatsby.

All great, and two new luminaries shine, oh-so-brightly, namely Nina Varano as the supposedly-ingenuous Daisy and Nick Safier as Jay Gatsby—Wonderful, 'Old Sport!'

Broadway should come here and take notes. I certainly have. Bravo, Carraway,  Steve Wagner, that is, and the entire cast, and for our friend, Ellen for the tickets. What a

Battle of Long Island

Dear Editor:

In another letter to the editor in the September 5 issue, a writer raised the repeated question as to if the Rockaway peninsula was a part of Long Island. She brought up several good points.

Over the years, when a downed power line blacked out my block, I had to call LILCo, or then LIPA, only to be advised to call Consolidated Edison. I always had to remind them my power bills were issued by them, not Con Ed. In the blackout that darkened midtown Manhattan

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