Battle of Long Island

Dear Editor:

In another letter to the editor in the September 5 issue, a writer raised the repeated question as to if the Rockaway peninsula was a part of Long Island. She brought up several good points.

Over the years, when a downed power line blacked out my block, I had to call LILCo, or then LIPA, only to be advised to call Consolidated Edison. I always had to remind them my power bills were issued by them, not Con Ed. In the blackout that darkened midtown Manhattan last month, it was coincidentally on the anniversary of the 1977 Blackout, where the peninsula actually was one of only a few NY City areas that still had electricity.

As to the question of the areas known geopolitically as Queens, Brooklyn, and

Thumbs Up for Sandpiper

Dear Editor:

I love the new park on Beach 107th Street. I only wished it opened in the beginning of the summer as predicted. I never felt safe taking my son to the park at Waterside, but I did it because there weren’t better options. My little boy has thoroughly enjoyed the new park and I myself love the layout, the open venue, the colors and the location.

Melissa Echevarría


Jetty Benefits

Dear Editor:

In the August 15 issue, you told your readers about the five

Bring Back the Buoys

Dear Editor:

I think the city should bring back the three orange and yellow barreled buoys that they had in the sixties when I was young. They were anchored in the middle of each beach by a thick rope with the barreled buoys attached to the rope at so many feet apart from one another, so the young and the old had something to hold onto in case the water was a bit too rough. In today’s world with all the drownings that are occurring by people who don’t want to follow the

Sincere Thanks


Dear Editor:

I was a long-time resident of Rockaway Beach, and have since moved to North Carolina. Much of my family and friends are still living in the Rockaways. I look forward to your online issues, it keeps me up-to-date on the goings-on of the Rockaways. I'm enjoying the articles and news stories. Even the advertisers are interesting! Rockaway Beach has sure grown a lot......and I enjoy reading about them. The regular features (especially the photos) bring back so many

Down With Downtown Plan

Dear Editor:

I am confused by your article about the Downtown Far Rockaway project and statements by Deputy DDC Commissioner Eric MacFarlane.

Mr. MacFarlane says that the pipes are 80 years old. I believe that the pipes on my street are over 100 years old, but DDC is not replacing them even though the water mains are so corroded that it is impossible to see through them. Likewise, the discussion about flooding is absurd since the downtown area is one of the highest

Dim Bulbs

Dear Editor:

I’m a retired city employee. Part of my duties was to report problems around the five boroughs. I often called in potholes, defective street lights, traffic signals, etc. I recently called 311 to report a street light that was out. In times past, it was very simple. Now they have some new computer model. Every location I offered, the computer rejected. I went back and forth for about 15 minutes. The operator told me to call Con Edison. I told her we don’t have Con

Fairy Godmother


Dear Editor:

Childhood should be magical. Full of dreams come true and wishes granted. Santa Claus should visit more than once a year, and every child should have his own personal fairy godmother. And while even you guys can’t deliver all of this, I want to thank you for so many magical Thursdays at P.S./M.S.114 over the past five years. I wish you could have shared the enchanted moments when my writing students discovered they’d been published in The Rockaway Times. You

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