Teacher Appreciation

Dear Editor:

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are looking for anyone who was taught by Ms. Ann Todes. Ann Todes is a very special person that traveled every day for over 35 years from Manhattan to Rockaway to teach "her" children. She started her Rockaway career at P.S. 114 and was one of the first teachers at Scholars' Academy. Ann is currently not feeling so great and we thought some correspondence and love from those that were touched by her life could help her get stronger. We would love former students, fellow teachers and families to send an email to let her know how you are and what amazing things you are doing with your lives. You can also share a favorite memory, something you learned from her or

Traffic Tribulations

Dear Editor:

I have been taking my mother down to the Saint John’s Episcopal Hospital clinic for wound care treatment weekly. The trip is a nightmare, literally. Between the way too many lights, DOT choking everything to single lanes, God awful road conditions and a feeble attempt to repair it, it takes me half an hour to schlepp a mere six miles. That's 12 MPH for all you math wizzes. Seriously, is there anybody out there who does not find this UNACCEPTABLE? Something

Reckless Report

Dear  Editor:

Your article, “Don’t Let Spring Fever Cause Reckless Driving” was, in a word, disappointing. It was, in essence, a rewrite of a DOT press release with no data or analysis to support the conclusions.

Is it true that drivers behave differently in warmer weather? Do they drive faster or slower? Or are there more cars on the road? Is the mix of drivers different? i.e., are there more people on the road who rarely drive? Is the mix of vehicles different (more

Hope For 116th

Dear Editor:

It was great news to hear the theater on Beach 116th Street is in contract to be sold.  I wish it could have been revived as some kind of art or entertainment center but since it continued to fall into a state of beyond repair, I knew restoring it was a lost cause. If the purchase price was $6 million dollars I don’t think the buyer will put up anything shabby or run some halfway house. There are a lot of other places they could do that without spending the six

Seal Advice

Dear Editor:

Last week, a well-meaning neighbor in Belle Harbor called the police and they shooed a beached seal back into the water.  I inquired about the best action to take when you see a seal on the beach. Here's the answer I got from an expert, Dr. Arthur Kopelman, his credentials are below.

What is the best procedure when you see a seal on the beach?  A live seal on the beach is resting and should be left alone. If the seal looks injured, or in distress, the only number to

Peninsula Boondoggle

Dear Editor:

Concerning the massive housing project planned for the former Peninsula Hospital site. This sounds like another de Blasio boondoggle. I think Rockaway has enough housing and cars.

On top of that, we really don’t have the infrastructure to support such a large complex. There are no jobs, no supermarkets, except for that little place on Beach 59th Street. We have transportation issues.

If they want to put up something that big, why not put it at Floyd Bennett

Parks Price Gouging

Dear Editor:

You've seen the political debates where the candidates stumble when asked what a quart of milk costs.  Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, when presented with a tax plan, famously did not know what the term 'take-home pay' meant.  Are Councilman Ulrich and the Parks Department serious when they present project costs such as $200,000 for a flagpole?  $2.1M for handball courts?  $5.2M for a playground?

I know where the money comes from. (Quite familiar with 'take-home

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