Dear Editor:

Any chance that you can print an article reminding all the cyclists that our boardwalk is a recreational boardwalk and not the Rockaway Beach Indy 500 Boardwalk?

Any chance you can ask the 100 Precinct (who do a great job!) to slow the speedsters down and give them a warning about going too fast on the boardwalk?

Any chance you can remind the cyclists that there are bike lanes on the street that are designated bike lanes for cyclists throughout Rockaway?

Any chance you can remind them how horrible it would be if, while trying to break their world record (Yeah!), they crashed into a pedestrian and caused a serious injury?

Any chance of reminding them how horrible it would be if it was an elderly person who didn’t stand a

 Dear Editor:

 To the author of last week’s Letter to the Editor regarding Cuomo Criticism Off Base, I say, you are the one that is way off base.

Re: (“Stay The Course” from 5/7/20 issue) Contact tracing in NYC is a fantasy. With infected people being asymptomatic for days, once the city re-opens, it will be almost impossible to know where your infection came from. Setting a bar like that will leave us in a lockdown state forever.

Let’s not forget why we locked down in the first place. The Rockaway Times had a cover to remind us. To “flatten the curve.” Has the curve not been flattened? Thanks to our amazing healthcare workers, the

 Dear Editor:

We are long-term bungalow residents and owners (50+ years) of Beach 109th Street. We cherish our summer homes and are grateful to be a part of this wonderful Rockaway community. However, in recent years our quality of life is being adversely affected by the increasingly growing population of feral cats. They are being fed underneath our windows on Shore Front and make their homes beneath our bungalows. As a result, we are subjected to the smell of feces each time the wind blows

Dear Editor:

As of this week, I will no longer be selling ads for The Rockaway Times. My five years of doing this have been a very enjoyable experience.
I've learned how hard business owners work to be successful. I've learned how effective ads can be even though some say print media is dead. When butcher Sorrentino advertised from his store in Howard Beach, he attracted so many people from Rockway that he moved his business here. When Dolce Vita restaurant on Ave. N in Brooklyn advertised

 Dear Editor:

Is it possible for The Rockaway Times to print something good about our governor? Every issue I read somehow manages to paint Cuomo in a negative light or at best a back-handed compliment. Are you afraid your readership will be insulted? I don't believe that he does everything right, by any means, but he is managing this crisis when leaders in Washington are not, and the numbers prove it. He is admired across the country and not just by Democrats. This paper barely finds anything

Dear Editor:

Each week I seek out the “Lazer Speaks” column, disappointed when its author may be on vacation, but I’m always overjoyed when I see the new title for his most recent work. I have often resolved to reach out to Mr. Pastina and renew an old - correction - very old friendship and tell him how much he means to me and how inspired I become when I read his columns in the Rockaway Times. 

You see, I had a dream of one day living on the peninsula, growing old with my wife and relishing

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