The Impossible Dream

Dear Editor:

Gil Hodges’ namesake bridge is evidently as bad as the 1962 Mets team he helped to introduce to New York City. Every drive over is a new education into what traffic cones can look like. One day it’ll take 15 minutes to get over to Rockaway at rush hour because the right lane is closed; the following evening, you’ll get home 40 minutes later than you anticipated because it’s completely closed to the public.

All of this and so few precious explanations as to why there’s always work to be done. Does the lift not work? Is the metal grating corroding before our eyes? Is it just a construction scam?

Whatever the reason, Rockaway needs something better from its only Brooklyn connection. Gil Hodges doesn’t

Worth A Visit

Dear Editor:

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me last week about the Rockaways.

When you asked me what brought me to the Rockaways, all I could think of in the moment was, “The Ramones.” But I knew there was something else…driving back to our AirBnB on Beach 73rd Street, I remembered it was the Queens episode of Anthony Bourdain’s, “Parts Unknown,” that got me thinking about checking out Rockaway Beach.

What made our vacation in the Rockaways a good one was the

Dear Editor:

Boardwalk Concessions get 50 percent rent reduction! Sounds great for the concessions, right? 

I am writing since several people have been congratulating me on getting a 50 percent rent reduction for my concession “Boarders” on Beach 97th Street on the boardwalk.  Apparently, they heard it or read this on various media outlets (Not The Rockaway Times!).    

Just to be clear, the rent reduction is actually a deferment, which will be spread out over the next two years. All

Yay Maureen

Dear Editor:

(Regarding Maureen Walsh letter about curbing dogs): Wow, Maureen is so right! Dog poop continues to plague the area she speaks about, plus many spots along the Boulevard. I know, I walk it a lot. People just don’t give a poop and the mess continues. To the dog owners and friends who walk dogs for others, PLEASE CLEAN UP after your dog, they can’t!

Danny Ruscillo


More Yay

Dear Editor:

Accolades and kudos to Maureen Walsh for reminding all that there is a Pooper

Seeking Sounds Of Silence

Dear Editor:

In response to "Name Withheld," in The Rockaway Times' May 24 issue: Yes, indeed we have some smaller "yapping" dogs in my 'hood as well.  One, in particular, is easily the loudest and most consistently annoying.  Often I want to lean out my window and say, "Can you please train that dog?"  Someday I think I will. 

On the subject of annoying "surround sound" why do so many people bring loud radios to the beach, each thinking it is their right to blast

Boyleing Checks

Dear Editor:

Check Mate! Your Boyleing Points (Check Point) was spot on. The opposite of chiselers is the friend who sneaks over to the wait staff and pays the bill surreptitiously because they know that’s the only way you would let them pay the bill. That’s the sign of a great friendship and a compliment as well.          

Chris Driscoll


Dear Editor:

Your article reminded me of the time I went out with my friend and her family for her 29th birthday dinner. About 10 of

Wholly In Favor of Half

Dear Editor (to Beth Hanning):

In response to your half day article (Slice of Life, 5/31/18), I want to share a teacher’s side of this.

Yes, half days can be a burden to working parents, and maybe that mom you were speaking about is not lazy but works nights and sleeps during the morning.

Yes, we here in Rockaway can work it out with other parents or family members to pick up our children on half days, as I do for my children at St. Francis de Sales, but not all

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