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Dear Editor:

I was sent this information about our Community Fire Alarm Call Boxes from the Intergovernmental Liaison of the New York City Fire Department Katie Raitz. Katie said the Fire Department, is working with FEMA to get our Fire Alarm Call Boxes restored to working condition after the copper wires were corroded by the salt water exposure during Hurricane Sandy.  She said: “Many of the alarm boxes in this area have been out of service for a while. The Fire Department is currently working with FEMA to draw up the contract for fixing the boxes. We are also identifying materials that will be able to withstand severe weather better in the future, so that we can avoid damage at this scale in the future. As we get closer to coming to a contract agreement for the work to take place, I will have a better idea of when this box on Beach 124th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard and the other boxes will be fixed.”

Danny Ruscillo

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