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Mayor de Blah Blah Blah

Dear Editor:

The Mayor put on quite the performance last week at PS 114.  After 45 nauseating minutes of politicians patting themselves and each other on the back, the Town Hall meeting finally got around to the business of fielding questions from the audience. By the end, I found it strange that the Mayor had somehow found  the courage to fight the State and Feds on such things as housing court judges, proposed gas lines and jetties, yet plays the helpless victim when it comes to restoring the sorely needed and long overdue rebuilding of the Rockaway Beach Branch, AKA QueensRail. 

Mr. de Blasio thought he had gotten off the hook by reminding us that the MTA is controlled by the state, but the fact is that he even refuses to advocate for it. After all, state control doesn’t stop the Mayor from going to Albany to ask for more control of city public schools, tax dollars or speed cameras. Why not speak on behalf of QueensRail?  I bet if he was among the thousands of southeast Queens commuters that waste an hour a day getting to midtown Manhattan, he’d find a way to make his voice heard. Instead, he pretends that he hasn’t any influence over what happens to the NYC-owned, 3.5 mile right of way. We’re not buying it.

Although the Town Hall meeting was a great show, the Mayor’s words about caring about saving us time, reducing congestion, air pollution and traffic congestion rang hollow. He admits that we have a serious transportation problem that is not addressed by the ferry or A train, yet refuses to lobby for QueensRail or offer any other solutions. One wonders what special interests he is protecting.

Rockaway doesn’t get much local political support either.  Perhaps we need to do a better job of letting our elected representatives know how important restoring this connection is to us, our families and future generations. After all, it’s not just about saving time on the trips we take, but the tremendous opportunity and quality-of-life costs that are incurred for all the trips we don’t take.

Rick Horan, President Coalition for QueensRail


Mayor Praise

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Mayor Bill de Blasio, Councilman Eric Ulrich and all those involved in organizing for a productive, informative and inspiring Town Hall meeting in Belle Harbor last week. I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit our community, listen to our concerns, and work with us to find potential solutions to the issues that impact the quality of our lives on our peninsula. The profound presence of the commissioners and staff showed City Hall’s commitment to finding solutions to issues, and it did not go unnoticed! This clearly set the tone for a positive, effective and truly inspiring event. It was hopeful to see politics set aside by all who attended for the good of the Rockaways and going forward, this will serve all of us well in finding solutions. We hope that it is among the Mayor’s New Year’s resolutions to pay regular visits to the Rockaways to continue to get to know us better and stay in touch with the needs of our community!

 Jodi Heywood

Member, Rockaway Women for Progress



Let There Be Lights

Dear Editor:

I really didn’t know who to reach out to about this, but, I was driving down Beach 116th Street last night, and noticed how nice the block looked with all the trees in the middle of the island lit up in white lights.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they were lit like that for every night of the year?  The clear/white lights do not have to represent “Christmas” all year, I just thought it brought a little glam to a street that has so much blight. You see trees in other cities' commercial districts lit up all year round. Just a nice look! Maybe you can pass it on to someone who has the power to delegate that.

Ryan Frontera


Toll Summons Solutions

Dear Editor:

With so much talk and attention paid to these pesky summonses I am curious to know how some locals are handling them?

I myself am loathe to pay them. My EZ pass tag worked fine since April. Nothing on my end changed. Their system is what changed; it is modern, updated and seriously flawed.

Glenn Lawson


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