A Train Equality

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A Train Equality

Dear Editor:

I sent this letter to Eric Ulrich. During this repair period when Far Rock residents no doubt suffered and cursed, we here in Rockaway Beach got a taste of real train service. 

Hon. Councilman Ulrich:

I’m writing the sentiments of ALL riders of the S (shuttle train) from Rockaway Beach/Park who depend on it to connect us to the A for our jobs and our lives.

During the track repair work, we experienced what life could be like if our areas of the peninsula were allotted service as they deserve. The community of Rockaway Beach experienced a sense of ease, peace, security - it was Amazing!

I know you’ve said: it’s simple numbers that has Lefferts so far better served than us. Maybe those numbers should be run again.

If the S train were to follow every arriving A (direction Rock Park), I suppose we could live with it.  But as you well know and we await endlessly for some explanation, it does not work that way.  Sometimes an S comes within 5-7 minutes. Sometimes we wait 20 minutes. What is that about? Should not the shuttle link each arriving A’s passenger load with their next needed station stops on their way home?

Someone shared that the S drivers/conductors are on a separate contract and they may only work a certain number of minutes per hour. And that this accounts for some of the brutal wait times we experience here.

Yet more puzzling is when we get an S to Broad Channel and wait for an A (a scheduled A) and wait and wait and…another Shuttle arrives to Broad Channel and only after that will an A to Manhattan arrive. Not to be clever but really what’s that about?

Any and all specific detailed information that can help us understand why Rockaway Beach does not warrant better service, will be greatly appreciated!! Thank You!

Ina Bransome


That’s The Spirit!

Dear Editor:

I just recently moved to Rockaway, and was driving down Rockaway Beach Boulevard around 7 p.m. and had to make a turn because police were diverting traffic. I asked the officer what was going on and he said they were having a tree lighting. This was around Beach 128th Street. Well, instead of continuing to drive, I parked the car and went to check out the festivities. What a great show!

There were Christmas carols being sung and a real sense of the season was in the air.

When they lit all the Christmas trees (in what I learned was the St. Francis Prayer Garden) it was truly magical. And each night as I pass the garden I feel the Christmas spirit. So thanks to all the people who made it possible. And Merry Christmas to all!

Robert Doran


Slush Fund Funk

Dear Editor:

Democrats, Republicans, Independents, et.al. should demand the repeal of the so called “slush fund” used by members of Congress to pay for their faux pas. Now we have a local Congressman who has used an unspecified amount of the fund to pay for blunders in the past. Who pays for your mistakes? There is no lesson learned if there is no pain. Take the money and use it for needy Americans, not deep-pocketed politicians.

Thomas Sullivan


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