Statues for Citizen Jetties

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Statues for Citizen Jetties

Dear Editor:

(In response to 10/5 Boyleing Points: Citizen Jetties) I liked your idea for people to bring a ‘Rock to Rockaway for a Rock-Rock-Rockaway Jetty.” Why don’t we ask Mayor de Blasio’s statue commission to send all the unwanted statues to Rockaway for our Jetty? Can you imagine a Confederate General, Mounted on a Horse, pointing his sword, with a plaque below, saying “PUT YOUR ROCK-HERE.”

Joe Cowhey


Post Office Problems

Dear Editor:

I just came from the Rockaway Park Post Office on Beach Channel Drive.

I parked in their parking lot… and the lot is dirty and disgusting — maybe worth looking into.

It looks like a graveyard for the rubber bands that they use to band our mail together, plus garbage and debris strewn about. Storeowners must keep their property sites swept clean or they risk a fine. I guess the Federal government doesn't have to comply.

Not only is it a waste of taxpayers’ money being spent on rubber bands—these rubber bands aren't good for the environment, i.e. birds and wild life that can choke on them.

Your attention to this is appreciated.

Ann Murphy


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