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Dear  Editor:

Your article, “Don’t Let Spring Fever Cause Reckless Driving” was, in a word, disappointing. It was, in essence, a rewrite of a DOT press release with no data or analysis to support the conclusions.

Is it true that drivers behave differently in warmer weather? Do they drive faster or slower? Or are there more cars on the road? Is the mix of drivers different? i.e., are there more people on the road who rarely drive? Is the mix of vehicles different (more motorcycles, boat trailers)? Are there more people walking or playing in the street?

I’m not saying that I know the answers, but I am sure that the city planners who run things at DOT under the supervision of Eric Beaton and Polly Trottenberg have no idea of the reasons for the rise in crashes.

People go to school to get PE degrees so that they can understand these matters, but such people do not run the NYC DOT.

Eugene Falik


Well Done, DOT

Dear Editor:

I just want to commend the DOT on a job well done regarding the paving of Beach 126th Street. The signs were posted well in advance and the job began promptly at 6:00 a.m. as stated. By 9:30 a.m. the street looked great. Thanks again.

Kate Patterson


Birthday Magic

Dear Editor:

Just wanted to say "Thank you!" Our son Michael was so happy/excited when he saw his name in the paper for his birthday. It made my day as well as my mother's who was there to see his enthusiastic reaction. Also, many congratulations on all your awards! As a lifelong Rockaway person, I love reading your paper, especially Boyleing Points!!

Ann Erhard-Coughlin


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