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Seal Advice

Dear Editor:

Last week, a well-meaning neighbor in Belle Harbor called the police and they shooed a beached seal back into the water.  I inquired about the best action to take when you see a seal on the beach. Here's the answer I got from an expert, Dr. Arthur Kopelman, his credentials are below.

What is the best procedure when you see a seal on the beach?  A live seal on the beach is resting and should be left alone. If the seal looks injured, or in distress, the only number to call to report this is the NY Marine Mammal Stranding hotline: 631-369-9829 - Arthur H. Kopelman, Ph. D.,
President, Coastal Research & Education Society of Long Island.

Please share/advise so everybody in our wonderful community knows how best to help. Thanks.

Elsie Maio



Ring Looking for Owner

Dear Editor:

I found a ring a few years ago and tried to find the owner. Looks like a class ring from 1962 with MC (school initials) on the side. The name Jeanne Keely (or Heely) is on the inside.

Is there any way you can locate the owner or family of owner? I would like to return, it if possible. Thank you

Jane Deligiannis


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