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Thank You

Dear Editors:

I cannot put into proper words how much gratitude I have for both of you and your staff for writing such a wonderful article about my brother, John. I can only say thank you. You both have a gift for writing. My family was so touched by how you described Johnny and some of the things we loved doing. Rockaway is a place in my heart. It will remain so because of people like you who remember. I truly believe my parents and I wouldn't have made it through those times without the St. Francis de Sales community and all our Rockaway neighbors. Thanks again, hope to see you on Memorial Day. There is a 10:30 a.m. Mass at St. Francis followed by a service at the Memorial Circle. My whole family will be there and they would love to meet you guys.

Thomas McGonigal


Quiet Please

Dear Editors:

I'm sure you will all agree if you have or know someone that has a "smaller" dog, it's not barking, its YAPPING, continuously. Now, I understand dogs bark every now and then, but these dogs just keep going, like the energizer bunny.  When someone’s dog barks, the owner usually tells it to quiet down and it does.  Why don't the owners of yapping dogs do the same with them, instead of just letting them stay in the yard going and going? Now, I like dogs and cats. I used to have both. But it’s quite annoying when I open my windows now and all I hear is yap, yap, yap.  I wonder if anyone else agrees but just never said anything ?

Name Withheld


Original Ties To Rock

Dear Editors:

I read your High Tide column that mentioned Original Grain watches and bracelets with great interest. My dear friend of 65 years, Dee McClean, visits his son-in-law and daughter Jim and Lauren Brennan, owners of this company in San Diego a few times a year. He usually brings me a surf or paddle tee shirt from the West Coast. Much to my surprise he recently handed me an Original Grain Whisky Barrel model watch from the collection Jim has designed and created. My jaw dropped and I stared at it for few days. It is simple but elegant. It's made with reclaimed wood from Kentucky Bourbon whiskey barrels. I brought it to Jared’s on Old Country Road in Westbury to have the band adjusted. The jeweler commented on its beauty and uniqueness. I write this letter to let your readers know that the Original Grain watches and bracelets are the real deal. Jim and Lauren also own a home in Belle Harbor and remain rooted in our community. I suggest that you go to their web site, You will find a wide variety of their products that are handsome and reasonably priced.

John W. Roberts


Ferry Bummed

Dear Editors:

I was so excited at the prospect of added ferry times, the Rockaway express route and bigger boats, but my hope that it would be for Rockaway commuters went out to sea.

Added for commuters coming home to Rockaway was a 4:45 p.m. and a 5:45 p.m. ferry, but that’s it.  Rockaway express routes run during the day, not the evening rush (in fact a 7:45 p.m. ferry was removed from service).  Rockaway express routes run Monday through Friday from 12-5… great, but thanks for nothing since I get out of work at 6 p.m.  Rush hour period is considered by most to be 4-8 p.m. but I guess not to Hornblower.

Seems we are serving the day beach-going population rather than the locals who have supported this ferry service year-round: snow, wind, sun and rain.  Weekend service … well that’s where it seems the focus went for added frequency.  This seems to run from Pier 11 about every 30 minutes, so it’s very clear this is an expansion of service for those who don’t live on the peninsula. 

While I don’t think this is a bad thing (given last summer was a nightmare) it’s sad this service didn’t have the Rockaway people in mind when “adding service.”  Looks like my commute will continue on the A train.  Thanks a lot.

Beth O’Neill


Friend Commends

Dear Editors:

Thank you for the articles and photos remembering Clare Droesch.  Her passing was devastating for many people and she will never be forgotten for not only basketball but for showing others how to keep fighting even when the odds are tough.  She made a lasting impression and your newspaper did a good job showing that.

A Friend


Governor’s No King

Dear Editors:

On his way to a likely reelection, Andrew Cuomo is attempting to block candidates who run without his approval. It may be convenient to have uncontested primaries, but the Democratic tradition gives that decision to primary voters.

We need to hear all responsible voices and make our decision. The Attorney General and Comptroller are elected separately from the Governor and must be free to criticize or even to oppose the Governor.

The Democratic Party has grown from the campaigns of Eugene McCarthy against Lyndon Johnson, Mario Cuomo against Ed Koch, Bill Thompson against Bill de Blasio, and Andrew Cuomo against Carl McCall. We need an open tent. Perhaps a few brave Republicans might follow our example.

Norman Silverman


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