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Boyleing Checks

Dear Editor:

Check Mate! Your Boyleing Points (Check Point) was spot on. The opposite of chiselers is the friend who sneaks over to the wait staff and pays the bill surreptitiously because they know that’s the only way you would let them pay the bill. That’s the sign of a great friendship and a compliment as well.          

Chris Driscoll


Dear Editor:

Your article reminded me of the time I went out with my friend and her family for her 29th birthday dinner. About 10 of us went to a restaurant where most items were a little expensive so I decided to order "well" as I like to call it; one drink, one entree. The others ordered the same but about four of them also ordered appetizers such as honey biscuits, fish tacos, and mac ‘n’ cheese.

Their entree alone was $5  shy of my entire bill. So I just minded my business because everyone declined the menu offered to us, which had limited items but everyone would've paid $30 each, therefore in my mind this is not a "split the bill evenly kind of dinner." I’m watching as their appetizers come out, their eyes wide with excitement, no one offered me to try anything, which is okay since we are paying for what we bought right? I hear extra drinks being ordered, when I'm asked I decline. So, I'm thinking, rather adding up their meal, and it comes up to about $80 each easy for the two sitting next to me. Finally, the bill comes and I welcome it because I ordered "well" so it should be rather easy for them to calculate how little I owe.

Then my sister (who spent the most) goes over the bill, gets up and I guess consulted with mom, then to my dread, announced to the table in her high-pitched voice: "we're going to split the bill evenly, is that ok?” which was more of a request than a question. So everybody said sure and I sit their quietly, not having answered at all (because I didn't feel comfortable having nine people stare at me for disagreeing), mad that I didn’t take the drink offered to me, mad that I didn't order the fish tacos, mad that in their mind they believed I should pay for their extravagance.

My friend, noticing my ire, asked what was wrong and I replied, "So I ordered less so I can pay more?" I didn't make any more of an issue of it, I just wanted her to know that what just happened was not okay, and it was not fair. Beforehand, amongst a large group, there should be an agreement to pay the same, so if you order mac ‘n’ cheese I will order one too.

Monica L.


Dear Editor:

Separate checks is the most annoying and embarrassing part of restaurant business, and in the south it’s commonplace. I’ve witnessed a table of 15 get 15 separate checkbooks on a Sunday football day while my water sat empty for ten minutes because the waitress was separating the checks. I’m actually embarrassed for people and old friends in college. So much so, that it increases my budget for trips down south where I will pick up the entire bill on principle. It’s slowly infiltrated the NY market with the breadbasket of America bringing tone deafness to the issue.

Separate checkers have zero appreciation for the time and cost of doing such business. Places have instituted a two-card maximum, at a cost of frustrating the customer to not coming back because of the policy.

I literally want to shake them by their friggin’ necks. When we look for reasons and contributions to systemic millennial entitlement, I look no further than these 10 violators in Myrtle Beach. Sounds like they actually managed to outdo each other’s shame, and continuously raise each other with more shame. Thank you for bringing this to light.

Seamus Tierney


No Need for Speed

Dear Editor:

I am writing to find out how we can get and keep these speed road bike groups, or individuals off the boardwalk. They race from one end and back. They put a bike lane in the street, but these people don't use it. Bike clubs come down in packs. It’s only a matter of time before one or more of our Rockaway residents get hurt. Too many children and elderly use it and we don't need speed bikes on the boardwalk at all. Something needs to get done. In Coney Island, they are banned from using the boardwalk. It's time to do it here. NO SPEEDING ROAD BIKES ON BOARDWALK  AT ALL.

Tim Moriarty


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