Rent Still Damn High

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Dear Editor:

Boardwalk Concessions get 50 percent rent reduction! Sounds great for the concessions, right? 

I am writing since several people have been congratulating me on getting a 50 percent rent reduction for my concession “Boarders” on Beach 97th Street on the boardwalk.  Apparently, they heard it or read this on various media outlets (Not The Rockaway Times!).    

Just to be clear, the rent reduction is actually a deferment, which will be spread out over the next two years. All concessions still have to pay our “full” rent this season, while dealing with beach closures and a public that has been confused by last-minute announcements.

My purpose for writing this letter is to ask the community to continue to support the concessions, which provide food, drinks, music and more to give us a full summer experience.

My fellow concessionaires are hard-working people. While it’s true they are looking to make a living, you can’t argue that they provide a memorable beach resort experience for visitors as well as the local folks. Not to mention jobs for local kids and most of the local bands as well.

So hop on your bikes and come on down to show your support!

Steve Stathis


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