Seeking Sounds Of Silence

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Seeking Sounds Of Silence

Dear Editor:

In response to "Name Withheld," in The Rockaway Times' May 24 issue: Yes, indeed we have some smaller "yapping" dogs in my 'hood as well.  One, in particular, is easily the loudest and most consistently annoying.  Often I want to lean out my window and say, "Can you please train that dog?"  Someday I think I will. 

On the subject of annoying "surround sound" why do so many people bring loud radios to the beach, each thinking it is their right to blast their choice of sounds (I can't use the word music here).  Many blankets compete with the next blanket 20 feet away. This makes my favorite beach time now before 10 a.m. on weekdays.

In conclusion, each beach entry from the boardwalk has a sign clearly stating "no amplified sounds."  On land, one can stop to smell the roses.  At the beach, how wonderful it is to stop and hear the waves! 

Glenn Lawson


DOT No Better

Dear Editor:

Arverne By The Sea residents may not be happy with the current state of affairs on Beach Front Road, but they are unlikely to be happier if and when DOT has title to the road.

The installation of “traffic control devices” such as stop signs is governed by section 1680 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law which specifies that traffic control devices must comply with the U.S. Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices as modified by the NYS Supplement.  IF DOT were to install three-way stop signs, it would undoubtedly be a violation of law.  Three- or four-way stop signs are generally prohibited unless there is a similar amount of traffic on all roads.  I don’t believe that is the case on Beach Front Road.  And (a) it is always unlawful to install stop signs to control speed, and (b) stop signs must be installed on the road with the least traffic.  The rules for traffic lights are even more strict.

NYC DOT is already in trouble with the Federal Highway Administration (which hands out billions of dollars in federal aid) because of repeated, deliberate violation of these rules.

Eugene Falik


Pick Up, Please

Dear Editor:

On Brooklyn Queens Day (June 7), while school was closed, I drove back from Breezy and got off and drove down Cronston Avenue. While driving towards the Belle Harbor school on Beach 135th, I saw a pooch take a bathroom break. He did his business and it was considerable—but as I looked at the jogger behind him, I saw no bags, no tissue, nothing to clean up after his dog. The reason then became obvious as the jogger quickly yanked the dog’s leash and took off, leaving a nice big mess on the walkway at Beach 135th.

If anyone sees this person, look down before you step. If this jogger reads this, I’m the guy in the white van who beeped at you.

White Van


Too Busy

Dear Editor:

Well I forwarded the 'groan' (re: Boyleing Points, 6/21) to all of my out of town relatives....but this week for once, I disagree with you. We didn’t go to the beach today, it’s awful!! There are too many people out there. We went out at 10 a.m. on Saturday and got an oceanfront spot, but the crowds were too much. Caracas had lines, which is good for owner, Maribel, but we wouldn’t go up there for salsa. Rite Aid was crazy to go to and so are the streets for driving. That ferry on weekends is making our beach too crowded. Finally, it’s warm and we have too many people. I know it’s good for business, but Rockaway can’t handle all of the traffic and neither can the stores and restaurants. Imagine if the 4th was on a Monday? We wouldn’t get a break. I’m looking forward to tomorrow even though school is out and many people take vacation this week, but imagine if tomorrow was a holiday? It’s not fair to the locals.

Geri Armellino


Table Games

Dear Editor:

Boyleing Points' writing about separate checks was spot on. Even when people go along with one check there’s another way the chiselers game the system. One guy always says he’ll pay the whole bill and put it on his credit card. The other people give him the cash. Why does this guy do this? To collect points on his credit card.

Paul Baker


No PEP Rally

Dear Editor:

The Parks Department hires a lot of temporary workers for the summer. Why do they hire so many PEP officers when they should hire people to empty garbage cans throughout the day?  The garbage just keeps piling up and also blows all over the place. We need less people telling us to stay out of the water after 6 p.m. and more people helping keep the beaches clean!

G. Crozier


No Respect for the Clergy

Dear Editor:

Father Richard Ahlemeyer (pastor) at St. Camillus/St. Virgilius, has been conducting masses and offering Communion services at the promenade rehab & health nursing home at 114th Street.

My wife and I, and two other women from the parish would assist him as ministers of Holy Communion. We would park outside, with clergy stickers in our windshields. Last week, we did the same. When we came out, we both had parking tickets on our windshields. How cold and callous to give tickets to the clergy, as they only go to nursing homes to aid the elderly and the sick. With a little common sense, and compassion, this could have been avoided. I think the police department should review their policy when it comes to the clergy. 

Bill Dickescheid


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