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Worth A Visit

Dear Editor:

Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me last week about the Rockaways.

When you asked me what brought me to the Rockaways, all I could think of in the moment was, “The Ramones.” But I knew there was something else…driving back to our AirBnB on Beach 73rd Street, I remembered it was the Queens episode of Anthony Bourdain’s, “Parts Unknown,” that got me thinking about checking out Rockaway Beach.

What made our vacation in the Rockaways a good one was the people we encountered who did their jobs with dignity…from the lifeguards who kept the beach safe, to the people who served up our food at Goody's, to the attendants who kept M&E Wash & Dry spotless, it was refreshing to spend time with people who valued our business. Add to this, the diversity of people I saw every morning at Dunkin’ Donuts, and Rockaway is a destination my wife and I are interested in returning to.

On our last day on vacation, I was able to get take out food from Brisas Del Mar Spanish Restaurant and felt the presence of Anthony Bourdain. Upon leaving, I heard another customer ask about Anthony Bourdain…making we wish CNN and the Travel Network would send out a “plaque” of some kind memorializing Anthony Bourdain’s visit to food destinations around the world, including the Rockaways…reminding us to value ourselves and each other as we share a meal.

Robert Rountree


Rockaway Baby

Dear Editor:

Inspired by the adorable tots on our beaches, I rewrote Rock a Bye Baby for the littlest Rockaway residents.

Rockaway Baby by the seashore

When the waves break, you want to play more

When the tide goes out, you fall asleep

and dream of another fun day at the beach.

Doni Bess


Go With The Flow

Dear Editor:

With summer now in full swing and bicycle traffic in the area increasing, it might be a good idea to put a public service story advising people riding bicycles on how they should be following the same rules of the road as those of us driving cars.

All too often, the bike lanes being used between Beach 116th Street and Riis Park see many bike riders riding on the wrong side of the road, especially going uptown. The problem is not only the potential for head-on crash with riders heading downtown, when a car is making a right turn off a beach block, you have a blind spot and the next thing—bingo—a bicycle rider pops up heading in the wrong direction.

No one wants to see people get hurt but there have been several close calls already.  Ride Right has some good info on the subject  http://ride-right.org/

Thanks for your consideration

Doug Solis


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