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The Impossible Dream

Dear Editor:

Gil Hodges’ namesake bridge is evidently as bad as the 1962 Mets team he helped to introduce to New York City. Every drive over is a new education into what traffic cones can look like. One day it’ll take 15 minutes to get over to Rockaway at rush hour because the right lane is closed; the following evening, you’ll get home 40 minutes later than you anticipated because it’s completely closed to the public.

All of this and so few precious explanations as to why there’s always work to be done. Does the lift not work? Is the metal grating corroding before our eyes? Is it just a construction scam?

Whatever the reason, Rockaway needs something better from its only Brooklyn connection. Gil Hodges doesn’t deserve his name being besmirched by both the Mets and the MTA at the same time.

Dylan Watton


Double A

Dear Editor:

Ha ha Kevin. Your column about the batteries, hysterical. And we must share the same drawer. I hate that drawer. Everything is stuffed in there, small wrenches and screw drivers, rubber bands, scotch tape, warranties to things long gone, random receipts and batteries, nails, screws and God-knows what else. Of course, when I actually go to that drawer that can hardly move, looking for a battery or something else, I can never find a damn thing.

Thank you for sharing something so personal, yet touching on the universal. You are truly a spiritual being. So when I see you I will give you a big HUG and if the spirit loves me, maybe even a manly kiss on your cheek or forehead. Don't fight me, you know you want it.

David Roya


Dear Editor:

Your article (Boyleing Points, 7-12) about the TV remote is absolutely perfect, down to the dust balls and the battery being dead in the end! I thought my husband wrote it, but checked the byline and it was Kevin Boyle! Thank you for the good chuckle.

Kathleen Dehler


Deli Good

Dear Editor:

I would like to send a shout out to 101 Deli located in Rockaway Beach. They provided about 50 of my guests with amazing veggie and assorted meat wraps for my 75th birthday celebration without hesitation. My guests were so pleased with the amount of different lean meats that were added, fresh spring mix and the eggplant wraps were tasty and seasoned to perfection!

Aloma Qualls


Bike Litter

Dear Editor:

In only one day after the invasion of the dockless bicycles, one was thrown onto the dunes and another was left near a household’s trash cans. How many more will litter our streets, boardwalk and beach?

Danny C


Don’t Be That Guy

Dear Editor:

First, I want to commend our lifeguards for doing a wonderful job all summer, but especially this past Saturday, when the water was very rough from the storm out at sea, and the beaches were very crowded because of the nice weather. I witnessed them going in and out for saves all day.

Unfortunately, also on this busy day, in the late afternoon, I witnessed two grown men go into the water and pull a joke on the lifeguards on Beach 127th Street. One man was doing the “dead man’s float,” while another started screaming, “Help! Help!” loud enough for the beach to hear, so the female lifeguard on duty ran in to help them, only for the men to tell her it was a joke. The men then got out of the water and I overheard one of them call the lifeguard a bitch as he stumbled up the beach. He and his group of friends left the beach shortly after.

I approached the lifeguard to ask her what had happened. She told me that earlier in the day, she had asked the men to not go past their waist, as all swimmers were told that day, due to the strong rip currents and rough waves. The men apparently didn’t take that request well, one claiming that he was a Navy Seal and he knew how to swim and didn’t have to listen to her. They later pulled this prank in retaliation. Parks Department police were called to the scene, but unfortunately they showed up after the men had already left the beach.

This whole scene was shocking, but I was even more shocked to later learn that the man that pulled the prank and called the lifeguard a bitch, actually lives on the block. Shame on you. Whoever this man was, I hope he comes to his senses and offers an apology to the lifeguards for distracting them with this nonsense on a day where the water was dangerous and they were already hard at work, rescuing people that really needed help. Our lifeguards deserve better.

Michelle Ryan


Ludwigs Love

Dear Editor:

On Saturday I served food from Ludwig’s Catering for my son’s high school graduation party at my home.  I ordered the dinner package special that is advertised in your newspaper.

All of my guests enjoyed chicken, eggplant parmigiana, sausage and peppers, and pasta. Also included was salad and dinner rolls.  The portions were large and the food was delicious. I definitely recommend them if you are looking for good food! You won’t be disappointed, and I will be using them again. 

The McManus Family


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