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Dear Editor:

I am an 88-year-young Rockawayite dealing with failing eyesight due to glaucoma. I had some urgent business to attend to last Thursday on Beach 116th Street with Mirkin Vision for new glasses, and banking with Chase. I had no one to accompany me, so I decided to go it alone on the Q35 bus and walk to my destination without having to cross any streets. After conducting my business, feeling a bit hungry, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch at the Belle Harbor Steak House across the street, which I had to carefully navigate crossing. Coming in from the bright sunlight, I couldn’t see anything at all. A lovely waitress seeing my plight, took me by her hand and escorted me to a table, read the menu to me and took my order. The food was delicious, the staff super friendly and accommodating, even Jimmy, the owner, came out to greet me. Sheila, the waitress, asked me how I was getting home, the Q35 I responded. She escorted me to the door then insisted she take me safely across 116th Street where I could board the Q35.

This heartwarming experience made me think again how lucky I am to live in Rockaway where we are all in a family of neighbors and friends who genuinely care and support each other. Thank you Sheila and the staff of Belle Harbor Steak House.

 Jose Fernandez


Animal Compassion

Dear Editor:

We had to put our cat down last month. She was 16, and the sweetest and most loveable and gentle a cat as there ever was. We live in Florida but spend summers in Rockaway, so Ella’s regular veterinarian is down south. When it suddenly became evident that the time to put her down was now, we took her to the Animal Hospital of the Rockaways on Beach Channel Drive. To say that they were wonderful is an understatement. 

Compassionate and sympathetic care for her (and us) was evident from the minute we walked into the office. It was so comforting to know that in her last few minutes she was surrounded by people who, although they never met her before, took such careful care of her and made those minutes as comfortable as possible. In addition to the care at the time, a few weeks later we received a sympathy card, signed by everyone in the office. Each member of the staff wrote a little note, which touched us so much. Rockawayites are lucky to have such a wonderful and caring facility in the neighborhood, and we thank them immensely.

 Betsy Lograno 


In An Ideal City…

Dear Editor:

Rick Horan questions why the NYC government is involved in bike sharing programs. I think this relates to a discussion our city (and our country) needs to have more openly: What role should government play in our lives? Is the government that governs best the one that governs least, or should the government be active in trying to improve its citizens’ lives?

Personally, I do not mind my taxpayer money going towards bike-sharing programs that, if administered properly (and I totally understand how big an "if" this is in this crazy corrupt city), offer residents and visitors a healthy and environmentally safe way of transportation. I do mind my taxpayer money going towards destroying Rockaway thoroughfares where the bikes can no longer coexist with motor vehicles, an issue which I know Mr. Horan is actively engaged in.

The government should not be viewed as anathema to its citizens, despite its best efforts to be just that.

Dylan Watton


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