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Ferry Poor

Dear Editor:

On Friday, my family took the ferry to Manhattan. When they arrived back at Pier 11 for the ride home, there was at least 300 people ahead of them, so they missed two ferries and had to wait about 45 minutes before they finally got on board.

Unfortunately, the boat they boarded was the "new" one, the Jamaica Bay. The boat had no working air conditioning and no bar. It was unbearably hot even though the crew opened the front doors to allow the steamy air to pass through the vessel.

How can Hornblower allow a dysfunctional vessel to be run in revenue service? If the AC is broken, what else is broken? I suggest that The  Rockaway Times or Joe "The Ferry Guy" Hartigan find out why Hornblower has not fixed the broken machinery and why this vessel is in service.

Does the other new vessel, the Breezy Point, have the same woes? Those who ride the ferries should not have to put up with shoddy service and broken boats.

Peter Galvin


Mail Fail

Dear Editor:

Thank you for highlighting the utter incompetence of the Post Office. My neighbors and everyone I talk to are experiencing problems like never before. I recently mailed checks to pay bills and they were never received. And then bad checks were drawn against my account. Missing checks and then fraud? Obviously it all goes back to bad mail service.

Mailing items from inside the Post Office building on Beach Channel Drive doesn’t help.  In fact, that’s where the problems seem to start!

Please tell your other fed- up readers to call and ask for the supervisor at 718-634-6057 or call the Far Rockaway post office at 347-487-2020 (that’s the peninsula’s main office), and tell them what’s going on in Rockaway Park and Rockaway Beach. Maybe they can make a difference.

I’m not sure if calling Congressman Gregory Meeks will help but there’s no harm in going on the record about how bad things are.

Thank you.

R. Accardo


Dear Editor:

Good thing you take email for letters. I wouldn’t trust the Post Office to get a letter to you.

Chris O’Hara


Fine Photos

Dear Editor:

Thank you to The Rockaway Times for running the annual photo contest. The pictures this year were extraordinary and really give a unique touch to the boardwalk. Each group seems to just suddenly appear, offering delightful, unexpected art. I did not submit an entry but I am eager to do so as I understand there will be another contest in 2019. With closed beaches being a major headache, the photo contest is at least a bright light. Congratulations to all the people who had their fine work displayed.

 Erin Taylor


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