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By George, We Got It

Dear Editor:

Mention of the Hurricane Donna anniversary appreciated!

Richard C Berger.


More Groins, Please

Dear Editor:

I quickly browsed the revised ACOE plans for coastal protection in Rockaway that was released last week. I immediately found the section that detailed the plans for new groin / jetty installations, and was surprised to see that the original plan to have the groins end at Beach 121st Street had not been changed. Anyone who has been to the beaches between 121st to 149th can clearly see there’s more need for protection. Furthermore, the beaches between 139th to 149th are in dire condition. As of writing this email (Monday 9/10), the water is currently hitting the dunes on those beaches.  I have made a few inquiries as to why the original plan didn’t include new groins anywhere between 121st to 149th, and was told it was due to budgetary concerns.  I find it hard to believe that a few of the planned groins from Beach 1st to Beach 121st can’t be relocated to somewhere between 121st and 149th.

I sent an email to the appropriate individuals for comments on the revised plans, and hopefully they have a good scientific reason for neglecting over a mile of beach that is already much smaller than the areas that are getting new groins.

Harry Hood


MTA Not Going Your Way

Dear Editor:

Your article last week on the Q22 confusion with the bus stop removal due to inadequate notice and the MTA's refusal to listen to the wishes of the community, highlights only two problems with this agency. Another is that rather than developing correct solutions to problems, they often take the lowest common denominator approach because of their laziness. In this case, that removal of bus stops speeds buses. That is not necessarily the case. The Q22 averages 15 mph west of Beach 116th Street. Bus operators are instructed not to exceed 20 mph. So there no need for these buses to travel faster causing longer walks and trip times for passengers. Further, the very light usage of the eliminated stops means buses will not travel faster since most of them were usually skipped anyway because no one was getting on or off.

The MTA is only concerned with time spent on the bus, not total trip time. Passengers want convenience. NYCTA  President Andy Byford claims he is listening, but this is only the beginning. With his bus redesign plan, we can expect bus stop removal en mass, whether it makes sense for the passenger or not. Until the MTA starts caring more about the passengers and stops its penny pinching, we can look forward to more ridership losses resulting in additional service reductions.

Once someone leaves the system for alternative travel, the MTA no longer considers them part of demand. The bus routing redesign must focus on reducing total passenger trip times, which is not done simply by removing bus stops.

Allan Rosen

(Former Director of Bus Planning, MTA NYCTA)


A Name for a Hero

Dear Editor:

How about renaming P.S. 114 after LCpl Michael Glover, USMC killed in Afghanistan. I believe he had one year of law school left when 9-11-01 and he joined the Marine Corps. The people in the neighborhood would relate to his name and he’s someone for the young ones to look up to.

Bob Crowley


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