Local Cab Woes

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Local Cab Woes

Dear Editor:

I love Rockaway, I truly do. I don’t even mind the hour-plus commute to the city because we get to come home to paradise. On the flip side, you can’t have paradise without fixing the issues, so I wanted to reach out in the hopes that honest discussion could help fix something that is broken in this community.

Rockaway cab companies are becoming more and more difficult to ride in. I understand there is pressure from Uber, etc., but in my mind, that should only make them strive to be better. When we call for cabs, we are greeted by a rude dispatcher, then, if the cab arrives when promised (50/50), you can count on a smoking driver, a dirty vehicle, or the worst….having to pick up two to three other passengers on route to your destination. I hope the cab companies in Rockaway stay afloat and are successful, but in order to do so they need to clean up their act. Thank you,

John T. Kennedy


Hole in Zero

Dear Editor:

It is with great regret to inform you that our AOH Division 21 Annual Golf Outing to benefit the St. Camillus Special Athletes scheduled for this Saturday, September 22, has been cancelled. This would have been our 9th Annual Golf event at the Riis Park Pitch and Putt to benefit the Special Athletes. Unfortunately, the Riis Park Pitch and Putt is now under the control of the Aviator and they have gone totally corporate with how this course is run. The burdensome additional costs coupled with a lovely seven-page contract for what was always a very simple four-hour morning event has made it impossible to properly raise funds and donations that would be given to the Rockaway Special Athletes.

It is quite disheartening how this community asset is being operated when it comes to having community organizations attempt to do events there. I really do not understand Aviator’s community philosophy when it comes to working with community organizations who wish to hold events at this course. Especially, for not-for-profit groups looking to do fundraising events. We were even willing to pay the increased fee per golfer notwithstanding the fact that the course is in terrible condition. But this was not enough.

This annual event was always enjoyed by all and it’s quite sad that Aviator‘s corporate greed has derailed such a wonderful and worthy event for our community’s Special Athletes.

We are in the process of coming up with other fundraising ideas to do for the Special Athletes and will keep you apprised of any developments.

Our apologies to all who were looking forward to this event, but it was out of our control. I trust and pray that the Aviator revisits their policy for fundraising events on this course and develops an appreciation for community participation and goodwill. God Bless!!

John Moroney


Dear Editor:

To Dr. Galvin:

I read your column, Ask The Doc, every week in The Rockaway Times and always enjoy the information you share. 

I have a question regarding the selection of a sauna bath versus a steam room. 

I am in my late 70s and a member of the Rockaway YMCA, which offers a choice of sauna or steam. I take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol; both conditions are under control. Normally, I use the facility twice a week. Is there a medically preferred choice between sauna or steam for someone in my category?  Many thanks for your opinion.

Edward T. Quinn



From Dr. Galvin:

Mr. Quinn: 

Funny you should ask. One of my future columns will be about the health benefits of Finnish sauna baths. While both types would be acceptable, the dry heat of a sauna is probably more healthful. Thanks for reading my column and The Rockaway Times.

Peter Galvin


Off Note

Dear Editor:

 (Regarding Real Deal column by The Lazer):

Heartfelt article, it truly was, up to the Trump reference. Suddenly it soured. No need for that.

 Bill Nolan


Sign Recall

Dear Editor:

I was totally surprised to see a mobile highway sign on the boardwalk at beach 94th-95th Streets. Your article explained what it was all about, as I was driving, and unable to stop and view the messages.

This is a modernization of an older advertising campaign, remembered primarily by our parents and grandparents, and, to a small degree, by viewers of the old Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, that of the Burma Shave signs along various highways, from at least the early 1940s through the 1970s.

It was actually a series of signs, each viewed as driven by, as ongoing poetry, one line per sign, with the final sign with the shave cream name.

Richard C. Berger


Get A Permit

Dear Editor:

It’s 10 p.m., do you know where your children are? Oh, they’re not dancing to the sound of the DJ at the Beach 129th Street block party after 10 p.m. because no sound permit was ever issued. Yes, police came and broke up the party. Perhaps there was a noise complaint called in by a neighbor, which warranted the police to come and do their job. Maybe an easy solution is to have the DJ apply for the sound permit since he’s making all the noise.

Name Withheld


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