New Year’s Tuesday

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New Year’s Tuesday

Dear Editor:

When I was a kid, in my family, people would celebrate New Year’s by rattling noisemakers, and banging pots and pans out in the street. They rang in the new, and rang out the old, in the loudest way possible.

This Tuesday, everyone needs to ring in the new and ring out the old, the useless, that which does not work for US, as loudly as possible. We need to ring in a new year and be heard far and wide. We need to VOTE.

Two hundred plus years ago, when this nation was forged, we lived under a government that did not represent our interests, only theirs. We were ruled by a king who became more mad by the moment, swaying our lives by his whims.

We, as an emerging nation, rang in a new year then so loudly that it shook the world. Our new New Year’s Day was July 4, 1776.

Why don’t our representatives represent us today, solve problems or do the right thing? Because they don’t live in the same world we do.

They tell us we must distrust ‘those other people’ across the road. But the fact is I trust that man or woman even more than I do them. Because they are my neighbors and we’re all pretty much in the same boat as each other.

We‘re not living the high life on inside business deals, legalized bribery stuffing our pockets from big money donors, or living off daddy’s money.

If these are they same folks who have been promising you everything, and failing you for years, it’s time for them to go.

And if you’ve voted and have spare time, or even can’t vote this year, get out and get others to the polls.

Let’s make this another New Year's that will be heard around the world. Get out and vote vote vote!

Make sure we are heard so loud that this will be a new New Year’s Day that no one will forget!

 Dan Guarino


In Need of a Prayer

Dear Editor:

The members of the St. Francis de Sales Bereavement Ministry invite anyone who has recently lost a loved one to join them for a Memorial Prayer Service on Saturday, November 17 at 11 a.m. in the Sacred Heart Chapel at St. Francis de Sales Church, Beach 129th Street. Everyone is welcome.

Light refreshments will be served after in Monsignor Reddy Hall. There will be a chance to share and meet members of the Bereavement Ministry.

If you can't make it and want to speak to a member of the Bereavement group, call Noreen Ryan, 718-945-4235.

St. Francis de Sales


‘Til Next Year

Dear Editor:

This is for all the LA fans from the New Yorkers who have been in Ebbets Field. Since you took our ball team, I think you should also have our end of year Cry. That would be "Wait Till Next Year." 

Charlie Cheswick


America the Beautiful

Dear Editor:

When America The Beautiful was sung Monday evening at West End Temple, honoring those who died in a Pittsburgh synagogue, Rockaway once again stood arm-in-arm, shoulder to shoulder. Christian, Jew,  Non-Believer, sang in unison. I got the chills. It was heartwarming. Now, if only we will choose to continue this ecumenical moment, if only we will choose to meet under one roof, one chuppa, one tabernacle, one sky, and come to understand that our similarities, our wishes, our love of family, country, life, are one and the same.

Let’s Make America The Beautiful again.

Robert Sarnoff


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